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  1. Example: I have a staff with 12 damage. Fire ability has 10 damage and increases with INT. But I also want the damage of the ability to calculate with the damage of the staff.
  2. If I put a friendly AOE skill on an NPC, does that skill hit my character? I try but the NPC's name flashes green and red and he doesn't hit the enemy.
  3. "If I make my game in 5.1 beta in the future I will be able to update it to 6 right?" Waiting e_e
  4. Which tileset do you recommend? All help is welcome.
  5. Screenshots added/adicionados.
  6. Português English Screenshots Créditos para/Credits to Celiannas Tilesets Kyrise(Softwood UI 3.0) Eric Matyas for/pelos BGMs Obrigado por verem Thanks for view
  7. Finally, the class editor error is gone. Thanks a lot!
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