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  1. Whenever I try to apply the hair patch on the Intersect build, give this error there:
  2. For now, none because I don't know how to install any patches. I saw the tutorial right here on the forum but I stuck it in the first step.
  3. Does anyone have a build already made with this patch? Honestly, I can't understand how to apply this to the client.
  4. >>>>Entity Animation Frames<<<< Finally, my prayers were hailed.
  5. It gave me this doubt now, in this engine, is there any way to make attack frames and cast frames?
  6. It would be interesting to have an element system where enemies (npcs) would be weak or strong in some skills. An example would be, a fire type monster would have resistance against fire magic and the best option would be water spells.
  7. Example: I have a staff with 12 damage. Fire ability has 10 damage and increases with INT. But I also want the damage of the ability to calculate with the damage of the staff.
  8. If I put a friendly AOE skill on an NPC, does that skill hit my character? I try but the NPC's name flashes green and red and he doesn't hit the enemy.
  9. "If I make my game in 5.1 beta in the future I will be able to update it to 6 right?" Waiting e_e
  10. Which tileset do you recommend? All help is welcome.
  11. Screenshots added/adicionados.
  12. Português English Screenshots Créditos para/Credits to Celiannas Tilesets Kyrise(Softwood UI 3.0) Eric Matyas for/pelos BGMs Obrigado por verem Thanks for view
  13. Finally, the class editor error is gone. Thanks a lot!
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