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Found 32 results

  1. Hello there, everyone! I used to be user of a Eclipse forums and before that, I used to use the Xtremeworlds engine. It's been many years since that, thought. A week ago I wanted to check out, how is the Eclipse holding on and oh boy, did it change! It did impress me, how good the new engine is now. Anyway, without a further gibberish I would like to show what I did in a few days. Still not sure what the engine can do, do I have full freedom of things (like creating pets and mounts) or is the coding part still closed of. Gotta look into that later. I'd love to make a small community mmo, but I still gotta learn what I can and cannot do. I'm pixel artist and I do love some colours, if you haven't noticed. The style is kept as simple as possible, so I can work on this when I have free time. Most of the inspiration is from the Paper Mario series. I also love visuals, so keep in mind that every item should be seen as paperdolls too. Oh and the items have gender variants, of course. Pardon my english, it isn't my native language and I didn't really pay attention on school, which I do regret now.
  2. I hope you like it. Old New I like it simple and clean so here are some new tilesets I'm working on. How it looks ingame I think it suits well to Breeze
  3. I found some 8 bit art on OpenGameArt and decided to use them and see how they would look :DD Actually considering now to make an ORPG by how good it came out :DD Link to Art:
  4. Hi guys, here is some of the work I'm doing at the interface of my project called elder tales. I did this model in a short time and I could not handle the images very well but it is in progress, I hope you like it.
  5. Graphics

    I'm posting links to help people build sprites. I'll put some paperdoll ones up soon, as this was the most requested thing on the old site. i will keep adding to this list
  6. Graphics

    Hello, good people of Ascension. I've created a character for my game. It looks like utter shit, but quite frankly I don't care because it's a custom piece that I can use freely in any of my projects, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Enjoy. <3
  7. Graphics

    So over the past couple of days I've been creating the UI for 4 Good or Evil, since my game is "old school modern" theme, I think its super important I nail the look of the UI. I used parts from OpenGameArt of an already made GUI, but I thought it fit very well. I still have some changes to make, and please, if you can, ignore the HP bars, I haven't gone through and fixed everything in Visual Studio. The Inventory GUI will also be made transparent. Quality seems killed a tad, but, whada you think? Update:
  8. Hi everyone! While I'm waiting for some sprites sheets that I ordered to a 'professional spriter' for my game, I decided to try creating my own works, just to try. This is the first time I make a sprite and an animation. Look out for comments Regards Description: First character prototype for my game.
  9. Because I was bored, and also because I love Dragonball Z and always wanted to combine DBZ with the Breeze tileset I started spriting a bit. I am not good at spriting so this really is the best I can do. Krillin (By far the laziest one, I literally changed 6 pixels per sprite on this one): Goku: Vegeta: And I've started paperdoll too: Gloves and boots: GI: Vegeta wearing a cute little GI and Boots, he looks so angry, the little guy!:
  10. I set my mind to create some graphics for a Demo of Intersect, no 8-bit shit, just high quality graphics. This means 1 full tileset and 1 sprite [8 directional] I plan to make Free Graphic Packs but only if I see some diversity in game styles [turn based, isometric, etc] FGPs could include: Male and Female 8 directional base sprite and clothing paperdolls, and sometimes only Tilesets and Icons, because making sprites take a lot of time especially 8 directional. For now it's all talk, I'm a pretty busy person, lucky for me, I have people able to help me if real life gets me busy af, expect something in a month or so. I had no idea where to post this, please move it where it belongs. Update 2 Closed the poll. Thank you for voting! Tileset Discarded the steampunk tiles made so far and started working only on Fantasy ones, discarded them because we do not have enough time working on both, so if I have too little of the steampunk ones won't be of any use on the fantasy ones. We keep them for future releases. I dislike the idea of 2 combined angles like rpg maker tiles have, 90 degrees tiles + some 45 degrees parts, so we will make only 45 degrees modular buildings, meaning you can add or take parts from a building, and they remain at 45 degrees, no more 90 degrees tiles mixed with some 45 degrees parts, ughh. Sprite We also started working on the sprite, we have an 8 directional head so far but is for testing only. Future plans after we finish the demo My assistant will be in charge, because I will be busy and I have some health problems. More Tilesets A few paperdolls, hairstyles and skin colors. Changeable body parts of the base sprite for diversity [bigger head, smaller head, fat, skinny, etc.] <- this one will be pretty much a stretch haha, but if it goes smooth with the first one, expect this to happen. No sneak peek images yet, expect some pretty soon. The process takes time, we are using the fastest techniques to make sprites and tilesets, but takes a lot of time to hand paint, making sure the color palettes and contrast/brightness match, also testing stuff takes a lot more time than making something, sounds stupid but it's true. Sneak Peek [OLD] Random building, this won't make it into the tileset, it's just a sneak peek of how the graphics will look like aka the style, it's like I said, no 8-bit stuff. Also, I'm following a traditional romanian/dacian building style, because I didn't see anyone doing it. We're like 50% done with the first tileset, if you want more random buildings feel free to say, or request something. [though, those won't be included in the tilesets] Another sneak peek [NEW] This is the quality we will try to bring to the final product of every element on the tileset.
  11. Graphics

    @Essence I see that you use the fantasy pack so I would like all the bought but I have a doubt because on the site of the creator there is a pack has 15 $ which includes the packs tiles and characters? Or should I take all on gamedevmarket? How should I proceed?
  12. Graphics

    I have just launched myself in the pixel art and here are my two first sprites
  13. There is my very bad paperdoll i am new at that. And my bad loginscreen. Actually it isn't so bad I am new at AGD so please forgive me If you love this loginscreen i can make for you. Just PM or Comment. Good forums.
  14. Graphics

    I'm designing character concepts for a newer game project. Thoughts? I'm also looking for character design ideas for other characters in the game. thinking maybe punk styled characters
  15. Graphics And Means Pack Content: *Animations *Entities *Items *Misc *Paperdolls *Proyectiles *Resources *Sound *Spells *Tilesets
  16. Hey there. I'm currently looking for any form of logo someone could provide me with. I'd like to request it to say - Beyond Online. If possible, look similar to this; Best Regards,
  17. Graphics

    Soooooo... I have this sprite that I made way back when and the forward facing sprite looks amazing imo but I could never get the side to look correct. Here is the sprite: I would greatly appreciate any help with making this look better and help me start a side walking animation. Ive always been bad with the side view.
  18. So I started doodling a random chibi base the other day, last night I animated a walk cycle for it added some hair and some clothing to it. I am not sure what it's for just yet but I figured I'd make a thread about the randomness I make over time! .
  19. So I have been working on some side scroller graphics and wanted to show them off. I've never really made any graphics in the side scrolling style so let me know what you think. Anyways, heres a small preview of some of the stuff I've got done so far:
  20. Long story short, my project Xeris is getting to the point where I need to start working on rendering the game objects so I can actually see them processing on screen. I was thinking of going with SFML.NET but figured I would ask around for opinions first. Please keep in mind that being able to google information on how to use the library is a plus, as I am not too familiar with them.
  21. Concept My project may be delay . . . I think I will use the graphic designed by me on the Intersect Engine Sorry everyone. My English is so terrible /// For Free to Everyone /// UPDATE 10/6/2016 MALE FEMALE UPDATE 26/8/2016
  22. I wonder if I am allowed to make some graphics for Intersect Demo, when it will get released, some graphics which won't be usable to make any games with since they will be enough only for the demo, I'm pretty busy.
  23. Graphics

    Hey everyone, Me and some friends were wanting to start a little side project involving film & music. In addition to filming, acting and playing out sketches I plan on creating some pretty cool stuff (visually). I worked up a logo and wondered what you guys thought? The aim here is to tap into your nostalgic memories. I want you to look at the logo and our works and feel like you're in a different place or a different time while maintaining a grasp on reality (if that makes any sense). Anyways, let me know what you think! It's extremely simple, I kind of wanted to keep it that way.
  24. Graphics

    Tell me what you think, I made it into a GIF so that you can see the animations of hover and such. It kills the quality a tiny bit so they're not really blurry like that, but overall tell me what you think