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  1. Yeah, I think I need another way. Or make mutiple global and random what will be using each time to reduce the chance that happen.
  2. Firstly, I make an event to caculate how much the killed one worth. Then I set a global variable with that value. Like this. This event proc when PvP Death Then I make an event that reward the killer by that value. Like this, I put an very small wait at head for sure that first event was proc. With small ping on server, this should be done well, there is very very small chance for two player be killed at same time. But I need some idea to improve this work 100%. Can you give me some. Thanks. Sorry if my english not good.
  3. I would suggest adding a way to encrypt resource. It isn't for protect from stealer, I think that should be good and more fun to prevent player take spoiler about the game when they open resource folder.
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