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  1. Poetry Thread

  2. Concept Digi Adventure

    Looks pretty cool, and definitely good for a first project. I could see people enjoying this.
  3. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Welcome, I to love Chinese food.
  4. AGD Gaming Nights

    Protect your gardens all. Im down though I dont have a lot of time.
  5. Destiny 2

    Anyone playing Destiny 2? My gamertag is Marsh00 for xbox one.
  6. Was fun

    Man that really sucks :(. Fuck Cancer. What type of cancer did she have? Maybe we can turn this thread into a donation thread to battle it for her memory.
  7. Was fun

    Anyone heard from House?
  8. Classic Hero Maker v0.1.5B

    Looks very impressive!
  9. Dev PC

    Stick with the macbook pro
  10. Open Beta Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

    Why dont you guys just work together? You could get a lot more done together.
  11. Free Undertale MMO Serverfiles + Client

    You are stopping just because you cant find a server? That is not a good reason. I am sure someone here on the forum will host it. Or find a cheap solution. I will host you for awhile if you do want to continue on it. (Though I am not home often so if it crashes or goes down I often cant fix it for a day sometimes.
  12. Rap Battle

    You think that rap was better then mine? You must be deluded. You should stick with programming is what ive concluded. This might be your site G but this is my thread Ive come to knock em dead, your raps are inbred. Bitch my fame is is widespread, your just sick in the head. Instead of your threats of banner hammer, try working on your grammar. Get outta here before I send you to the slammer. You sound a little scared, let me help you step up to the plate. Im going to give it to you straight, in this thread you got to pull your weight. With a name like Pheminem your never going to procreate, like the birds and the bees. Let me reiterate, your weak in the knees. If I were you id head for the seas. Im so sick I dont need to dot my i's or cross my t's.
  13. Rap Battle

    Why have a name if your not gonna throw down!
  14. Rap Battle

  15. Eclipse rap battles are back:


    1. panda


      Disgusting. Eclipse is bad.

    2. Crest


      someone, tell my brother i need his pogo stick!

    3. Crest