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  1. Been gone for a while, mostly just hosting minecraft servers now days.

    1. Neeknog


      I've dreamt of you every night since your departure...

  2. After never being able to have a decent internet Finally I have something halfway decent.

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    2. Puppy


      I eat through 10gb in 1day xD

    3. Draken


      lol yea thats how im doing it now :D lol.


    4. Draken


      old 5097549329.png


      New 6319062261.png

  3. My profile pic is also my RL pic, took another real quick while im sitting here. dont ask about the shirt i need to do laundry lol.
  4. If you need to be on local host just make a copy of your client's folder and use that one with the right config file.
  5. You can host if you have a dynamic IP I have before you just need to go install No-IP. This way people dont have to get hamachi. I hate when people say just use Hamachi, I will never install that terrible software on any of my computers ever again. and here you go link to no ip just install that and get an account what it does is takes your dynmaic IP and gives it to the site which then changes it to a static ip such as play.game.minecraft or something to that effect. So players will only need the IP given from No-IP in the games client. https://www.noip.com/
  6. just saw you thing asking about blitz examples http://www.blitzbasic.com/gallery/gallery.php tons of them on their site.

  7. I personally found it a lot easier to understand than unity.
  8. Blitz3d is now free and opensource. For those who never used its. It's a 3d engine that is made to code games in blitzbasic language. It's an entity based laungage and is extremely easy to learn. Even though it is a 3d engine you can also make 2d games in it. You can get the engine here. http://www.blitzbasic.com/Community/posts.php?topic=107434 And I recommend you look over this guys tutorials. It's 12 lessons that will teach just about everything you will need to know to make a simple 3d game with 2d sprites. http://jnoodle.com/Blitz3D/ If you search on their main sight there are all types of free open source examples. Even has a few 3d mmo engines people have made and released the code to. I hope someone here finds this useful and gives this engine a shot. I would like to see what you come up with. For those that remember those 3d games I made back in the day with the random world gen with random trees where you played as a big ball with a face, I had no player models. This is the engine I used to make that. there is also BlitzMax if you want to go more 2d than 3d. it's also free and is here http://www.blitzbasic.com/Community/posts.php?topic=107435 Uses most of the same basic commands as blitz3d just has a few differences. I could see someone creating a 2d ORPG engine with this, If I understood networking I would attempt it. Also for those who want to try a server / client here is a great example code. Server source Client Code You cant see yourself when you get in game so it looks like you are not moving (uses arrow keys) but if you step backwards you can see a block. You can see other players as spheres if they join the server. With a name over them. also no chat system in it that would have to be coded.
  9. Think you can type in multiple splash screen files in the client config. Just join them with a comma.

    ex: screen1.png,screen2.png,screen3.png

  10. finished the city map. Next is to do all the buildings maps. I'm thinking about keeping max level around 30, in order to keep groups of pvp players from taking control of the server due to the size. Will also make it so multiple groups will need to go into areas to clear them out. So game play will be more based around doing small quest and hunting for parts to craft weapons or dealing drugs for cash.(hopefully dealing system doesnt break game economy too much) Keep in mind I'm mostly building this for me to have fun on. Build a small community around and maybe get a small team together for some of my other projects. I might add more cities to this game also later. Depends on if game gets popular and streets get over populated.
  11. You can use a controller now. Just find a program to map your keyboard keys to your controller. I recommend Xpadder from http://xpadder.com/
  12. Love your work, been really digging the urban / modern city music you have on the site and will be using them. If you have a splash screen I would like to add it to my game
  13. It has to do with the way the scrolling system works, I mean you could turn off scrolling and make each map load and not scroll but that wouldn't be great at all. I was having the same issue and ended up just making maps that are not used to fix the way it looks.
  14. Greetings everyone, I'm looking for someone to help finish my Main Menu. What I would like to do is add a nice large Pink Brain with a bite missing from it to the current background image I have made for it. It is for a zombie survival game if you are wondering why I need a brain. Original work only please, I do plan on using this and I don't want to get hit with copyright stuff. I just cant seem to draw a decent looking brain. Current Background
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