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  1. Man I am really sorry to hear that :(, I really hope you get better and come back. You will be sorely missed. I dont know what condition you have but make sure you check all the options! I am here to talk as well if you want to.
  2. No :'(, it wont be the same without you. If you need some money for internet or something I am sure we can get something going! Or are you to sick to keep coming?
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  3. For the laptop issue on the server computer goto your start menu type in cmd and hit enter. This should open the command prompt. Type "ipconfig" and hit enter. Use the address under IPv4 Address from your laptop to connect to it.
  4. I won best in show!: 


  5. New Tat: 18742508_10158722166465322_1888784069_o.

  6. How does this work? Is it overriding the functions called in the dll and replacing them with your version that then calls the original? Or did you decompile the original source code? Or is it simply a function that you injected on top that listens in? Can you access the intersect calls? How do you get login info if you are not overriding the dll? I think this thing is very cool and was wondering how you did it!
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  7. Need Help

    What exactly is the problem?
  8. Whats nice about git is that you can simply hit a download button to get the zip of the source to play with. This doesnt require any git experience. If you want to start pushing fixes and updates back to the engine yes you will have to learn git. But as jcsnider said that is part of contributing to a open source project, you have to learn how to do it or you shouldn't be contributing. It sounds harsh but just letting people submit code anytime they like would really destroy the project and make it unstable or completely unworking. Its the cost of entry unfortunately.
  9. If it crashes its probably a bug, I would report it in the bug tracker.
  10. Showoff

    Awesome, always good to have some free hosts around. Out of curiosity if every position is a senior, team lead or manager who are they senior to?
  11. Do not use utorrent, I do not think that even works and if it does it is a hack. Hamachi is fine for building the game with some friends. But if you want to release it to the public you should port forwarding.
  12. Does this work? I feel like the router step is just you port forwarding, then you enable the upnp in utorrent which tries to open the port itself as well. Seems like the same step is being done twice? Also I believe that the upnp in utorrent only keeps the port open while it is running. As well as the fact that if utorrent is already running on that port you cant run a server because then two things are using the same port. I have tried this myself and ran into the port is already being used problem. Though maybe things have changed or I am confusing your steps.