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  1. Stick with the macbook pro https://www.windowscentral.com/how-install-windows-10-macbook
  2. Closed Alpha

    Why dont you guys just work together? You could get a lot more done together.
  3. You are stopping just because you cant find a server? That is not a good reason. I am sure someone here on the forum will host it. Or find a cheap solution. I will host you for awhile if you do want to continue on it. (Though I am not home often so if it crashes or goes down I often cant fix it for a day sometimes.
  4. You think that rap was better then mine? You must be deluded. You should stick with programming is what ive concluded. This might be your site G but this is my thread Ive come to knock em dead, your raps are inbred. Bitch my fame is is widespread, your just sick in the head. Instead of your threats of banner hammer, try working on your grammar. Get outta here before I send you to the slammer. You sound a little scared, let me help you step up to the plate. Im going to give it to you straight, in this thread you got to pull your weight. With a name like Pheminem your never going to procreate, like the birds and the bees. Let me reiterate, your weak in the knees. If I were you id head for the seas. Im so sick I dont need to dot my i's or cross my t's.
  5. Why have a name if your not gonna throw down!
  6. Eclipse rap battles are back:


    1. pandacoder


      Disgusting. Eclipse is bad.

    2. Crest


      someone, tell my brother i need his pogo stick!

    3. Crest
  7. Waddup all, some of you are familiar with this game from other forums and some of you arent. Basically the idea is to come up with the sickest raps you can and claim victory over all. Lay down your dopest rhymes and lay waste to the competition. Got beef with another user? Think their raps are mad wack? Call them out. There is no limit to how many raps you can make. Throw down and let the forums know who is the king of lyricism. Lets get this party started. Remember to put your rapper name at the start of your post. Ill kick this bitch off. Rapper Name; Mighty Professional
  8. Personally I think any console comes down to the games, so really I would figure out what types of games you guys want to play and then see what console offers it. I find Xbox one has a lot of awesome built in stuff like LFG and good party and chat options for friends. PS4 is going to have a lot more RPGS and generally has more of a indie selection. PS4 controllers tend to die super quickly which is lame. Really it doesnt matter, they will both work. More people have PS4's so if you want a better chance of playing with randoms that is your best bet. I personally prefer xbox but that doesnt really mean much. Or just buy both like I did.
  9. You should im legit curious, could find all kind of weird Eclipse artifacts on there. I would make sure there isnt any uhh illegal pictures on there if your holding onto it for awhile. Who knows what kind of crap people could have uploaded.
  10. Oh man, I can only imagine the horrors of whats on there.
  11. JC's Junk at 100 mill. Stay with tradition.
  12. Man I am really sorry to hear that :(, I really hope you get better and come back. You will be sorely missed. I dont know what condition you have but make sure you check all the options! I am here to talk as well if you want to.
  13. No :'(, it wont be the same without you. If you need some money for internet or something I am sure we can get something going! Or are you to sick to keep coming?