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  1. Sent you $10, but you might have better luck asking on your game or game website as those are the players who are most interested in keeping it alive. Is there anyway you can get somewhere here to host it for you? I know Benjo has professional hosting he has let people use in the past.
  2. My Canadian friend!!! I need your help!!! Will you help me!!! It is very very very important!!!! Hit me on PM or something PLEASE!! Escpecially if you have a CraveTV account.....

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    2. Goosius


      You can send it to my address if you want but im moving in a few months and not sure where yet. 

    3. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      Still the issue of billing address. My bank will flag it as wrong and not approve it.

    4. Goosius


      Ill sign up if you pay for it if you set a reacurring payment to me via paypal each month and you let me use it! Does it support multiple users?

  3. Thats great, panda seems to know his shit and I am sure will be a great asset to the team.
  4. Hells yea man, all that work payed off.
  5. Actually... lol
  6. This is actually a great idea! Good luck with it.
  7. I have Ghost Recon closed beta keys for Xbox one if anyone wants some. Post your uplay name. 

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    2. Goosius


      I got 3 keys still no one wants em. Send me the uplay ids and ill send em out. 

    3. MCADAMS


      sent you a pm =)

    4. Goosius


      Keys are gone

  8. Pledged $10, not much but hopefully more people will pledge. Good luck.
  9. Go ahead and send me the link, idk if I will be active though. Looks like your putting a lot of thought into the game though and thats cool.
  10. I grew up with a bunch of drug addicts, anyway, one night I was driving around at 4 in the morning or so and hadnt slept in a couple days for reasons I wont get into here. I come around this corner in my car and my headlights hit one of my roomates crouched over in the ditch on the side of the road in nothing but his boxers eating something out of the ditch. He looks up at me and I swear he looked just like golemn.
  11. Shit man you got what like 2 hours to get this tree? I mean its a little late to get a christmas tree after christmas.
  12. What no jet ski?
  13. Merry Christmas all
  14. Merry Christmas all! What did everyone get?