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  1. Music Format

    for now, change formats
  2. Music Format

    I'm sure it only looks for certain files. so lol.mp3 would not show etc
  3. Music Format

    if I recall correctly, mp3 went free?
  4. Need Help Undertale Online Fan game

    re opened
  5. Concept Mine&Slash | Unique ORPG Game!

    hello, to be able to approve the topic, it has to be written in English too
  6. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    with cyrus? oh hell no, unless he did them himself ofcourse hell of a job though, all those moves etc >.<
  7. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    I knew it looked familiar, pokemon cyrus
  8. Closed Alpha Ruinic - Competitive Dungeon Crawler

    like the gui, sprites are not my thing though, but still looks cool. randomized items?
  9. How do i make my game online?

    for now, yes