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  1. Concept For Language Learners: Language MMO

    me like, approved
  2. Impossible to relog into the game

    yep, I have it too. checking
  3. Event erased after server relaunch [Fixed]

    Changed Status to Fixed
  4. View frmMapEditor [Fixed]

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Animations HD Spell/Cast

    copyrighted stuff...
  6. Just wanted to ask a question

    no sorry, that's not possible... you can design lots of types of houses though, which they can buy.
  7. graphics resources

    please next time add a English translation...
  8. Arcwyre Community Weapon Contest Voting

    Georgie's bow for me
  9. nope nope nope xD 0
  10. Intersect Beta 4.3 Released!

    great, then we can have you do that, while we don't
  11. Intersect Beta 4.3 Released!

    you should test the release, not work with it refur... xD
  12. Need help

    lolol xd
  13. Need help

    in orion? oh hell no...