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  1. nice good price then.
  2. 7 per gb? or 7 per month? there is a huge difference ya know
  3. well, I tested it, and deleted all my items, created a new one, and restarting did not make it go poof. so I have like... no idea wth is going on >.<
  4. wtf O.o ill check that out...
  5. I offered in chatbox, but I think you were gone already, if you want, I have that ban code somewhere. so if ya like , I could send it your way
  6. lol, setting it to 0, but setting minimum to > 0? come on guys xD that's something I would do
  7. I was aware of it, but did not find anything yet :/
  8. VS 2017 is fucking great
  9. dude... that thing is huge O.o
  10. basicly, you open the connection on server start, and close it when it goes down. good luck with it btw, I have a copy somewhere that uses sqllite, and man, its a bitch xD
  11. that looks sexy good job getting it to work
  12. then you left something out. check all code again also, you have to load player, and then the character.