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  1. nice, although I think its clear no one can use them, their licensed as far as I am aware :/
  2. WIP

    I know, but the fact he said I know its wrong, but then posted anyway, I just had too xd
  3. WIP

    so you know its not ok to double post, but do it all the same? really dude? xD merged. don't do it again, someone else would have warned your ass for it
  4. Graphics

    yep, second.
  5. nope, and now you asked, it gets delayed a month xD
  6. Need Help

    yes, but rob not I think, that's why it was posted in a time ,I was not here xD
  7. Need Help

    yea, I know lolz
  8. the game server? that's not gonna work, you just use dropbox or any other thing that allows direct links. I think you could even use the ascension hoster, not sure though. edit, no, don't use the hoster here, wont work xd
  9. Need Help

    awww... kibz piss off... others like money too ya know xd
  10. this is one for the dev team, because I have no clue whatsoever
  11. tried setting the max hp?