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  1. no idea wtf your asking now
  2. oooh, when player enters game? events mate. or in source, in server, sub joingame
  3. it is, the tile the player is on.
  4. in client>ClientGuiFunctions>sub CheckGuiMove
  5. defined in source, change them there
  6. no, x coordinate of the tile oh fuck, misread the damn question xD what Sherwin said lolz
  7. errr,,, orion is multiplayer ya know xD
  8. I worry myself too at times so lolz xD
  9. now that's cool xD I have 666 on my neck, just below my adams apple. that turns heads man xD
  10. 1, there is a db editor I think. 2, there is a way to tie it to a website to register etc , its somewhere on the forum. 3, default resources are being made. 4, its most certainly not dead, its just a not payed thing, so it comes and goes with progress. 5, nope. 6, everything is coded from scratch. 7, jc and kibz are the coders, so the owners. 8, its released under mit license I think. 9, not as far as I know. 10, you can do wtf you want basicly. 11, jc snider is the main coder of the engine, together with kibbelz 12, we are still learning it all. 13, just post here I guess? they will read this post too
  11. WIP

    approved, good luck
  12. dude... 1 never heard of antivirus flags it, and you think its a virus? xD
  13. oh, that's easy girl xD if it is walktru when resource is full, and if its walktru when its empty walktru = player can stand on the tile
  14. merged your posts, don't double post please... next time you get a warning xD
  15. lolol, its ok mate xD