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  1. check my sig boiz, u wont regret it ;)

    1. Chief


      That's a dank meme, bb

  2. Except the wrong anatomy, it looks really nice. Keep in mind that you still need to use a correct anatomy, even if the character style is not "realistic". Just learn some basic artistic anatomy and you will be good, stay in front of a mirror or ask your friends, gf to pose for you, you could even try the pose of the above char and you will observe it's impossible to rotate ur upper body like that, judging by the arms and lower body. You started with a frontal view body -- beside the wrong rotation of his right arm -- u made the mistake to work on his vest, which rotated the upper body a bit to his left. Never start working on clothes before u finish the body, because the body dictates how clothes stay on that body and not the other way around.
  3. What's wrong with their name text, it's not aligned the same on all?
  4. Really liking this style, I could see a nice online card game having this kind of illustrations.
  5. Graphics

    Here is a video Instead of using tiles, you can use bigger parts u make in PS or whatever and add them normally by layers.
  6. Graphics

    I suggest you to make maps fit the movement style. I personally love these kind of games, and made a few myself, but the maps need to fit with the sprite's movement, else could give the impression of laziness. Here is a pretty old project made in vb6, that I worked at with a friend, didn't have custom graphics, but mixed a few stuff to create something nice, tho it had the same movement style yours have.
  7. Pretty nice, I like the colors.
  8. Good for what? If you want to make 3D models, then no, not really. If you want to add primitives and put them together to create a smiley face, then yes.
  9. If American is white, how is European? All around the world ain't just America, Africa and Asia. The idea is just silly, no originality at all, also you just started working on this, why posting it so early? Anyhow, good luck with this ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Names cannot be copyrighted
  10. assets

    I hope to finish everything somewhere in February, my cancer is back and I hope you guys will understand, the current progress is somewhere at 80%, no more sneakpeeks, gonna post them at 100% progress. I think there is no rush, tested the beta 1 and seemed pretty early to make a decent game with it, dunno bout other betas, hope they're much better.
  11. 0 = No power & revoke power 1 = Moderator 2 = Admin power CharacterName 2 poweracc AccountName 2 To revoke the admin powers just type "power CharacterName 0", without the quotes. But type help and see the list of commands [they should put a hint there, explaining how to do this]
  12. This engine should be 1mil $
  13. Sound FX

    Protect one sounds like "Potato" If she wanted to sound japanese then ughhh NOPE
  14. Sound FX

    Tell her to say "Oniichan, take it out" Sounds ok