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  1. NightPotato

    Is there a way to keep game assets from getting stolen?

    I meant with the intersect engine. I stopped using Unreal after sometime of trying to learn how to use it.
  2. Hello, so my main question is there a way to protect sounds, art, and etc from getting stolen. I know I could copyright them but that would take time out of developing a massive project. Thanks NightPotato
  3. NightPotato

    Art Assets Sizes & Easy Creation Tips?

    @NotAzizele Thanks for the reply so fast. It helps me a lot to know basic sizes.
  4. Hello, so this may have been asked about a dozen times now but as I have only found things about animations and not the sizes, I heave decided to come right out and ask. What sizes should I use for the following items? Environment, Main Character, NPC Characters, Enemy Characters? and What sizes are required for animations and how do I layout the art? I am new to making the art assets, what are some easy ways to speed up this process and let me start creating a game? Thanks, NightPotato
  5. NightPotato


    @Murdoc I never thought about making a simple layout of a map before. Nice Idea. Also Love the map.
  6. NightPotato

    Small Fantasy Resources

    @QuoteFox Watched the stream, Love what your doing! Keep it up!
  7. NightPotato


    Love it. I love seeing what people can make with just some 2D Art. I grew up around Art and it never really made me interested in it, but see what people can do is just amazing. Good Job!
  8. NightPotato

    Gem Launcher + Game Patcher

    @QuoteFox Lol still nice release, many people who can't code can always use this! Like me
  9. NightPotato

    Gem Launcher + Game Patcher

    Nice, defeats the purpose of me making one xD Nice Release.. @QuoteFox
  10. NightPotato

    Launching the game with a executable?

    @PhenomenalDev & @SkywardRiver Thanks for the help, It works fine in documents. I just need to figure out how to actually make a launcher so it doesn't matter where people put it. I am a newbie when it comes to coding.