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Dev Blog 08/04/2016 - Day/Night System Added!


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Day/Night System Added!  (and bug fixes...)

August 4th 2016



Way too tired to write a whole lot, so I am going to post a screenshot of the new day/night system editor and how it looks in game when you set a whole day to go by in a minute.  Will go over how to use it and more later. The system allows you to set color tints for many different intervals. This is set at every 6 hours but you could increase that to every 5 minutes if you were willing to do a ton of work to set it all up.  You can preview what the different times will look like in the editor before going live. I'll show that off too.


Time editor and map preview in the background.




Time list in editor to view your map at different times of the day




and finally, what all this looks like in game!


Whats next?

Make sure to check out the Intersect Road Map as for what features we have next planned in line! We will be working for the next several days on performance improvements, and many many bug fixes.


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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Hey! This is really great how dynamic it is.
What about letting you set a repeatable image overlay like what I do for Nin :P 





It might have some difficulty working with the dynamic lights you guys have though! Just an idea!

Also, Dawn and Dusk are normally represented more accurately with a Orangey hue and Purplish hue respectively :)





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Awesome! Also, maybe make a gradient hue option to simulate Rory's post with the purple to reddish sky reflecting on the ground?

Another suggestion would be adding a tile attribute to change from outdoors to indoors and vice versa so people don't have to make new maps for indoors if they don't want to.

I'll still have my indoors on other maps, but some people prefer to make their houses on the same map as the overworld.

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Just an idea I thought about, a lot of times music is designed to suit a time of day just as much as a certain environment.
Like a village could be very happy in the morning, but a little bit peaceful and quiet, or even dark and mysterious at night.

It would be a cool addition if you could set maps to have different music based on time of day!

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