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Ok I think I'll be the first one


My puzzle is so simple. I was thinking in making it more difficult but the way events work make it a bit annoying.














You have a 3x3 puzzle made of color pieces. Also, you have some arrow tiles around the puzzle. The mechanics are so simple: If you step any of the arrow, the whole row/col moves on the direction of the arrow. You have to make your puzzle look like the model at his right. You can check if you succeded talking with the "Check" event.



Some last words about the puzzle:


This puzzle can be used, for example, in dungeons/temples. When the player solves it, a door may open, a npc may appear... these kind of things. I did it with colors but you could use anything you like(symbols, runes...).


When I started the project I was thinking on making a 6x6 puzzle with 6 colors instead 3x3 with only 3 colors. The problem was that the events would get so long and I had not enough time and motivation. I made it with map events instead common events because you can copy/paste map events but not common events. But, even copy/pasting the events, I had to slightly modify them, so this took time(imagine 6x6 with 6 colors...). Also, I would like to create an automatic checker and a randomizer to the right model so you can play it again and again with different color combinations but as long as we can't directly compare variable's values this would be a madness. So, in the end, this puzzle system is so simple, everybody can make it and works fine, but it takes so much time doing it.



EDIT: Added an overview video

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For my puzzle I thought it'd be best if people hopped on and tried them out themselves. JC's hosting my server so it should be up 24/7.

Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EquFQOmS3jxpLlFf24IryfH2XZ5-vyyP

See you there!


I made a video for those not able to try it. WARNING: this shows the solution to the puzzles. 





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12 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

Part of the puzzle? :P 


Edit:  If I give you all slots on my hosting platform would you want to leave your puzzles online there until end of voting? @Khaikaa @mcadams


Nice, how can I send you the server?



10 minutes ago, mcadams said:

I think I banned the autofilled account cuz it was an admin lmao


Lol I just created another account and everything worked fine. I'm on the last puzzle atm.

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I hate these kinds of puzzles, don't shoot me okay? XD


For the 3-puzzle game it took me about 16 tries on first one I think, 5 for boulders, and that lab one was actually well thought out and fun.








GUYS. MY heart I AAAAA Dodoria is my absolutely fav aasdgfhjdklk; > ///////////////////////< The only thing that could make it better is if it featured Dorodabo, Garlic Jr. and the Spice Boys (especially Nikki-chan and Vinegar-kun). (also when i was thrown into a room full of Nappas XDDD) so overall I had the most fun with this demo? But I think the most well thought out puzzle was the lab one (just strictly puzzle wise) so not sure which to choose. Do I let my fangirl take over and make me choose Dodoria and the fun-ness of the theme around the DB/Z puzzles or do I do the one most technically sound? URGHHHH.

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