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Using uTorrent to port forward


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This is a guide on how to port forward and get your game online using uTorrent (this is designed for windows however can be done on other platforms as long as you know how to find your ip.)


Finding your ip adress

Press the windows key and type cmd, opening command prompt. Once command prompt is open type ipconfig and find the line saying IPv4 Adress and note down the numbers next to it (formatted like, also note down the default gateway. (not needed because modern technology is cool :o )


uTorrent Stuff :P 

Go to http://www.utorrent.com/ and click the download uTorrent button, run the downloaded file and install uTorrent, this is what we will use for port forwarding (and you can use it to do illegal stuff :P ) and then run uTorrent. Go to setting then preferences and head down to the connection tab and here it will state a port  and then check Enable UPnP port mapping and choose enable NAT-PMP Port Mapping and add windows firewall exception. Now go to options and setup guide and uncheck bandwidth and automatic port mapping then click run tests, if it goes well you should get a nice green tick and you have now port forwarded :D now to go do some config stuff then play with some friends.


Intersects Boring Config Stuff :o 

Open up your intersect folder and head to the server folder and then click the resources folder and open up the file config.xml (with notepad or any other text editor such as sublime or notepad++) then go to the serverport parameter and change it to the one you are using then save that and go to the client folder, open resources and yet again open config.xml, set host to your IPv4 adress and port to your used port and then save it all.


Getting People Online!

You can almost play with your friends, simply get the Client folder and then share it with your friends/players somehow, using a system such as dropbox or a usb stick, then simply run the server and your friends can create accounts and log in and play! You have now port forwarded and configed the intersect client and server :P 


Edit: I added regular port forwarding when you don't need it so I removed it, oops.


Edit 2: MiniGrief suggested an extremely efficient tool that does the same think and will likely work for you so make sure to use: https://sourceforge.net/projects/upnp-portmapper/ first :P 


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Does this work? I feel like the router step is just you port forwarding, then you enable the upnp in utorrent which tries to open the port itself as well. Seems like the same step is being done twice? Also I believe that the upnp in utorrent only keeps the port open while it is running. As well as the fact that if utorrent is already running on that port you cant run a server because then two things are using the same port. I have tried this myself and ran into the port is already being used problem. Though maybe things have changed or I am confusing your steps.

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UTorrent isn't doing the port forwarding in this guide though. You are still manually port forwarding in the router and just opting to use uTorrents default port. 


Im missing the point somewhere. What's the uTorrent benefit?

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@jcsnider This is just how I've always done it, maybe I missed the point and you don't need to do the whole router config part? Confused myself now.

Edit: Googled it, looks like you don't need to do the router config part.

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Given that uTorrent is quite literally malware I would highly discourage doing any of this.

Plus all we need to do is set a variable to true in Lidgren to use UPnP punch-through anyway (for Beta 4 and later versions of Intersect), so needing uTorrent to achieve this is... pointless and dangerous.

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Just now, PhenomenalDab said:

@SPQR Panda It gets around having to do the admins stuff and as we just spoke in chatbox, there is no longer malware :o 

Well like I said, the same feature you're using uTorrent for (UPnP) will be in Beta 4 anyway, so there's not much reason to install 3rd party software when it isn't necessary.

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