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Intersect Toolkit

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While this tool remains good for it's graphic editing capabilities it is no longer compatible with the latest versions of Intersect when it comes to working with the database.  Please consider this obsolete.

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Intersect Toolkit


The Intersect Toolkit is a small program that lets you handle various tasks you might want to perform while working on your game. These tasks can range from changing a player's data to making sure your graphics work in the engine.


The toolkit can currently perform the following tasks:

Change Player Data.*

Delete tilesets from the database.

Resize Graphics

Convert RPG Maker VX Sprites to Intersect Formats (3 Frames to 4 Frames)


*= Certain aspects of player data are not currently implemented due to either a lack of information from the Intersect source or being a work in progress.


Please make sure to copy your server's config.xml to the same folder as you run this application from, it needs to read a few parts of it to function.

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13 minutes ago, MCADAMS said:

Really sick. A tool like this can potentially save a lot of character/database wipes. Will be using it for sure :)

That actually reminds me, I should really add an export/import feature for all users.


Anyway, I'm slowly reworking the UI a bit for character data as I've been adding more to it.. It was getting messy.


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Ever had that one player you just couldn't stand? Well I have the perfect solution for you!




I'll probably get this version out soon. Still have to work on getting the spell editor in. Not a huge amount of work but I do need to find the time!


(Note that this action can -not- be reversed once taken!)

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Uploaded a new version.




  • Fixed some crashes that could occur on switching between databases.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching between characters.
  • Fixed an issue where closing the application would sometimes not save the database properly.


Added the ability to change the following character data:

  • Spellbook


Added the following general features:

  • Deleting an account*.
  • Deleting a character*.


*= These actions can not be reverted once taken, use with care!

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