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Spookiest things that happened to you?

Beefy Kasplant

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Okay, this is the story of one of the most bizarre nights I've ever experienced.


We were celebrating holidays with our entire house, 10 men in total. Because we were going to be loud and drunk, we rented a house in the middle of nowhere meaning around us it was dark, we had no neighbors and we were surrounded by forest and farmland. The night started off as a typical night of drinking, but this night had something more for us in store. Because my housemate Martin and I were first years, we had to go through a series of tasks to become ‘full members’ of the house. Some sort of inauguration you could call it. One of these tasks was to bring back a live animal. Pretty much an impossible task, but it was designed that way, it was just a task to fuck with us.

Because we had seen some farms on your way, our best bet was to find one and see if we could borrow a chicken or a rabbit from there. Not knowing exactly where to go, we decided to cut through the forest, hoping we would stumble upon a farm. The weather was not working in our favor, it rained and the clouds made the night pitch black. The only source of light we had was that of our phones. Still, somehow, we were able to find a farmhouse. After ringing the doorbell, a women went to open the door but stopped in the hallway when she saw us, apparently to call for her husband who appeared moments later. We explained our situation, but the man was not able to help us out. However, he did tell us to be careful as not everyone in the area was as friendly to strangers. We thanked the man, but obviously paid no attention to his warning and went on with our search. Cutting further through the forest we came upon something magical. An enormous pen full of Kangaroos. We could not believe our eyes and at the same time we were already dreaming of our glorious return with a kangaroo. Drunk as we were we decided it would be a good idea to try and scale the 5 meter high fence that surrounded the animals. Once inside, we realized that there was no way we were able to get a kangaroo out of there, but at that moment it became the least of our worries as we heard a loud bang and a shouting man coming at us saying that we were fucked. Pure panic turned us into world class Olympians as we practically jumped back over the fence and ran away. Sadly, our flight came to an abrupt halt as we realized we ran straight into a dead end. Our path ended at a parking space surrounded by water and our only option was to hide under a car. First we heard nothing but the pounding of our own hearts, beating so hard that I was sure the man could hear us from a mile away. Then we saw the flashlight sweeping over the floor, at one point even reflecting in the watch I was wearing. After that the man’s boots, standing next to the truck we were hiding under. All we heard was the man’s footsteps and him occasionally giggling and saying he was going to find us. At some point, the man stood a meter away from us, almost as if he was debating whether or not he should look under the car. At that moment each of those twenty seconds that he stood next to us felt like an hour, until finally he started walking away. Finally able to breathe again we sighed from relief, until we could feel a flashlight aimed at us from our backs. Barely able to move from our position from under the truck we looked back straight into the man’s face, eyes unnaturally big and his smile too wide. All he said was: ‘Found you!’ We ran as if our lives depended on it, which they might have. The man didn’t even follow us, all he did was laugh.


After running until we were not able anymore we were lost. Still stuck in the forest with the occasional farmlands. From the darkness we could feel eyes staring at us, so we stayed to the farmlands, we wanted to be able to see our surroundings. In these farmlands we happened upon a caravan, no car to pull it in sight. It was just sitting there in the middle of the meadow. We tried to walk around it quietly to not disturb anyone that was in there, but the door opened and this woman in her forties opened the door and asked us what we were doing here. A bit creeped out, we were happy it was a woman, and not some lunatic man shouting and laughing at us. After explaining the situation she invited us in. Why we actually went inside I will never know. The scene inside was surreal, the caravan was a mess with empty bottles everywhere and as the only furniture, one big bed with a girl who was around 15 years old sitting on it. The only thing this girl did was ask: ‘Mommy, what are these guys doing here?’ and the mother would tell her not to worry about it. A minute later and the girl asked again, in the same monotone voice, what we were doing here. We were about to leave but the woman asked us to stay for one drink and poured us some cheap whiskey. She told the kid to make room for us on the bed so we could sit down but at the same time the phone started ringing. She answered the phone and started talking hurriedly, cutting the conversation short by hanging up swiftly. She turned to us and told us we had to leave now because her husband was coming back and he wouldn’t be happy if he saw us inside here. She pushed us outside so fast that I didn’t have time to put away my glass. Deciding that we would better hurry I just put the glass down on the ground and starting running.


That was the third time that night that we ran for our lives. By some miracle we actually ran in the right direction and came back to the house we were staying in. Inside we told the story of what happened to us and because we were back safe, in the light and warmth we actually had a good laugh about it and went on with our night. Until an hour later, the other guys decided they wanted to see this creepy caravan and the kangaroos. We were a bit nervous to go to the kangaroos but we figured the man would be gone by now, and we were with ten guys, what’s the worst that could happen? We found the kangaroos relatively easily, but the truck we were hiding under was gone. Thinking it was pretty weird that someone moved the truck at 2am we didn’t think much of it, until someone pointed out that there were only our footsteps in the mud. No tire tracks and no footsteps made by boots. This was the moment when people started to question if our story was real, but we were with two, couldn’t both have imagined it right? After we went to the meadow with the caravan but when we arrived there was nothing. No caravan, and again no tire tracks or any sign of life. At that moment we were sure we went the wrong way and this was just some other meadow.  Kind of relieved that we didn’t have to get near that place again everyone started to walk back. The others were making fun of us how we imagined the whole thing and that it was just an excuse for us not being able to find a live animal until one of the guys stopped in his tracks, turned around and picked something up. We walked over and asked him what he was doing. Instead of saying something, he just turned around, holding in his hand a glass, with a little bit of whiskey.





This shit is a real story, kangaroos and all. Most surreal thing that ever happened to me. Pretty sure they were a family of ghost rapists or something

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I was walking home drunk with my mate Dan. We had just arived at uni and it was our first night in a new city. We were lost on our way back and ran into a man with a knife, teeth missing and a bite mark on his ear. He screamed at us for disrespecting a memorial of some kind and chased us down some ally ways. We eventually ran into a club bouncers who saved us. We legit shat ourselves that night XD

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I grew up with a bunch of drug addicts, anyway, one night I was driving around at 4 in the morning or so and hadnt slept in a couple days for reasons I wont get into here. I come around this corner in my car and my headlights hit one of my roomates crouched over in the ditch on the side of the road in nothing but his boxers eating something out of the ditch. He looks up at me and I swear he looked just like golemn. 

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This one time, when I was 12, right? I was, like, totally eating this heavenly chilldog, yah? and i go to take another bite, like, really stick my teeth into this weiner. except... this bite...the chillidog was just... gone... poof... just like that. 


:\ spooked me, man...

like... zoinks, scoob

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