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  1. The combat looks so incredibly slow and boring.. Only problem with these types of engines.
  2. Irij

    Editor stuff

    Is there a guide online or somewhere to show me how to do editor style stuff? Like making drag-able tabs in the tab control, making the background look like the transparency thingy as if I made a transparent image in photoshop, etc. Where do I learn all this stuff?
  3. Irij


    I'm using Lidgren. I have a network class that contains all the network code. The listening method needs to run on a loop and therefore I try to throw it on a separate thread so it doesn't halt the application because of the loop. How would I go about doing this in the same thread? I don't know how to run the loop while doing other things too.
  4. Irij


    Thought this was a programming forum.. No one must know. I'll look elsewhere. Good community here.
  5. Irij


    I have created a separate thread that handles the networking part of the application. When data is sent to the server and then received in said network thread, it tries to call a method that resides in the main thread. But I cannot call that method from the network thread because the method im calling is not within the network thread. So how can I call a method that is outside of the thread?
  6. Irij


    I am programming an application in C# where basically it creates a new thread to handle data; however, I'm not sure on how I can access calls from the new thread to the main thread? It errors when I try. I'm sure I must invoke something but I don't understand an easy way to do it?
  7. Yeah of course I remember.. Yeah I was like 16 haha
  8. Wow what are the odds.. Never thought I'd come on here and find this haha. I was Beres back in those old days. Good times Funny thing is, I am still designing Maikone in C# on and off.
  9. Irij

    Auto Updating

    No one knows huh.. Wrong place to ask then.
  10. Irij

    Auto Updating

    When designing an auto updater, does it need to be separate from the main game client? Or can it be apart of the game client? If the latter, then how do you overwrite the files if they are loaded? What's the best way to automatically update your client? Thank you.
  11. Irij


    I figured it out. Apparently you can't run the application using [STAThread]. Thank you.
  12. Irij


    Now every time I try to run it, I get an error I've added the sfmlnet-window-2.dll and all the other ones to the references, even added the csfml extlibs to the output and I get this error. Any reason as to why?
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