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  1. Ricardo

    [C#] CryBits v0.4.0

    v0.4.0 Update Notes Items Inventory Hotbar Equipments Bug fixes Some improvements in editors Images Download v0.4.0 Suggestions are always welcome!
  2. Ricardo

    [C#] CryBits v0.4.0

    Development Notes To the next version: Items Inventory Hotbar Equipments Bug fixes Some improvements in editors Images Many things will still be improved. Suggestions are welcome! Until version 1.0.0 I will translate the entire engine
  3. Ricardo

    [C#] CryBits v0.4.0

    v0.3.1 Update Notes New way to set NPCs spawn NPC Zone Character panel Fixed crashes in combat and editor (thanks Whitespirits and PhenomenalDev) And some other bugs fixed Images Download v0.3.1 Suggestions are always welcome!
  4. Ricardo

    [C#] CryBits v0.4.0

    o nível de acesso é irrelevante. if there is support I can translate the entire engine! Try changing the client and server directory. Thank you! I'll look for how GitHub works.
  5. Ricardo

    [C#] CryBits v0.4.0

    Introduction CryBits is a project developed by me, Ricardo, aimed at learning the C# language. It is a totally free and open-source 2D ORPGs creation tool. You can expect that I will still bring new updates! I hope you like it, the project demands a lot of effort and time, and your support motivates me to continue! Download v0.4.0 v0.3.1 v0.3.0 v0.2.0 v0.1.0 Images Note: The code is entirely in Portuguese Suggestions are always welcome!
  6. Ricardo

    SFML 2D C# Spotlight Tutorial

    Sorry revive the topic, the system is very interesting, and I would like to know how to add this effect: "BlendMode.MULTIPLY" in DirectX9. Thank you.