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  1. Thank you very much for the feedback! In the last few months I have been working hard to improve the entire structural part of the code, using many more concepts of Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure, Clean Code and Code Standardization, you can check in the development branch that CryBits is practically an engine completely new. Currently the engine doesn't support any SQL database, it is basically a writing of .dat files, but in the near future I may migrate to some database.
  2. Now thanks to @Hykatsu we have a Discord channel! You can access it through the link below. https://discord.com/invite/zuB9vhU
  3. v0.8.0 Development Notes Now it's possible to edit the map properties on the main screen!
  4. v0.8.0 Development Notes As I said, I am working to remove the indexes from the engine. Progress is going very well and I'm almost done. Based on feedbacks, I also made several improvements to the editors, now the map editor is the main screen and you can access the others through it, just like in RPG Maker and Interesect. I still intend to add a PropertyGrid in the map editor to make editing easier. (I'll improve the interface)
  5. The greatest benefit will be in a better facility to program and in the possibility of adding and removing correlated data so that they still remain consistent. In addition to a more cohesive code structure.
  6. v0.8.0 Development Notes As I said, I'm working to remove the indexes from the engine. I've removed it from players, now I'm removing it from shops. In the next version, it will be possible to add or remove items dynamically and in the future until ordering in groups as in Intersect. Soon, I’ll expand to all other editors. This may seem like a small change, but it changes the entire code structure of the engine. And as I always say, suggestions are always very welcome!!!
  7. v0.8.0 Development Notes In the past few days I have made major changes to the source code. Now i'm using much less indexes and working more with class hierarchy and data structures. If you see the code in the development branch on GitHub you can see these changes on server side. I will try to improve more and more and follow that basis for future changes. For the next version I plan to remove all indexes, that means a much more consistent and dynamic code structure. This will only be possible thanks to the publication of Intersect's source code, where I learned some new things, so thank you veeeeery much @jcsnider and the entire Intersect team!!!!! And again, all help is welcome and thank you so much for all the support you have given me, this is what motivates me to continue with the project! I hope you and your families are well. Take care!!!
  8. Hi guys, how are you? Sorry for the disappearance, my college came back with online classes and it was consuming me a lot of time, in addition my mouse broke and I was unable to work on my computer, I bought a mouse today and it will arrive next week. As soon as I arrive I will return with the work, thank you so muchhhhhhhh!!!!
  9. v0.8.0 Development Notes Preview of the sprite system, there is still a lot to be done, but soon it will be finished!
  10. Thanks for the sugestion! I will add a command on the client for the administrator to be able to teleport! Edit: It's already in development branch
  11. Thank you very much for the suggestions guys! I plan to add these features in a later version. Soon I will make more roadmaps for future versions. For the next version I am following this roadmap. I will finalize the Sprite System and make many improvements to the code before releasing it. Thank you very much again for the support!!!! You motivate me to continue this ❤️
  12. v0.8.0 Development Notes I'm almost done with the shop system, below is a preview:
  13. Ricardo bom dia desculpa  a pergunta vc saberia dizer se e possivel em algum futuro converter projetos criado em seu mecanismo CryBits ser convertidos para outras plataformas ou daria muito trabalho e possível ou impossível de ser feito com esse tipo de linguagem

    1. Ricardo


      Você diz converter para outra engine?

    2. ODestroyeR BR

      ODestroyeR BR

      Algo que converta para plataforma android/ios linux mac

      seria algo impossível de se fazer??


  14. I went to send you a message and posted on your profile kkkkkkkkkk

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