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  1. Thanks for the sugestion! I will add a command on the client for the administrator to be able to teleport! Edit: It's already in development branch
  2. Thank you very much for the suggestions guys! I plan to add these features in a later version. Soon I will make more roadmaps for future versions. For the next version I am following this roadmap. I will finalize the Sprite System and make many improvements to the code before releasing it. Thank you very much again for the support!!!! You motivate me to continue this ❤️
  3. v0.8.0 Development Notes I'm almost done with the shop system, below is a preview:
  4. Ricardo bom dia desculpa  a pergunta vc saberia dizer se e possivel em algum futuro converter projetos criado em seu mecanismo CryBits ser convertidos para outras plataformas ou daria muito trabalho e possível ou impossível de ser feito com esse tipo de linguagem

    1. Ricardo


      Você diz converter para outra engine?

    2. ODestroyeR BR

      ODestroyeR BR

      Algo que converta para plataforma android/ios linux mac

      seria algo impossível de se fazer??


  5. I went to send you a message and posted on your profile kkkkkkkkkk

  6. v0.8.0 Development Notes I started to develop the shop system. Here is a preview of the trade system.
  7. I certainly intend to improve the combat and movement system in the next versions. The 8 direction movement is relatively simple to implement, I believe it can be implemented soon! I believe it can be implemented right after launching the new sprite system. I am very very very grateful for that. This will help me a lot! Know that one of the reasons I continue with the project is because you are ALWAYS supporting me, thank you so much @Whitespirits
  8. Hey guys, how are you? As some of you know I'm Brazilian and the corona virus epidemic is coming here strongly. I'm not from a rich family and my mom sustain me and my bro alone and maybe in the coming months there a lack of resources at home. I know it must be difficult for you too, but I humbly come to share this donation button so that you can help me. Any value will be very welcome, with 2 dollars, for example, I can have a good lunch here. In return for that, I promise to bring even more news to CryBits. Thank you so much!
  9. v0.8.0 Development Notes New in-game options and trade system finished!
  10. v0.7.1 Update Notes Rendering text with strokes (see the images) [BUGFIX] Text input lag [BUGFIX] Some essential characters were not allowed when typing [BUGFIX] Chat preview option did not work properly [BUGFIX] Searching for the name of a player who was not connected broke the server Before: After: You can follow the progress on the project page on GitHub.
  11. v0.8.0 Development Notes Preview of trade system You can follow the progress on the project page on GitHub.
  12. v0.8.0 Roadmap These are the initial plans for the next version, some things can change and others can be added. You can follow the progress on the project page on GitHub. Replies Thank you very much for the affection, I am really very happy to read this. I will definitely add the attack animation to the Sprite editor. If you were really going to start a project at CryBits I would make a tool to convert the project between versions. Thank you!!!!
  13. v0.7.0 Update Notes NPC vs NPC, flee helth, movement type, say message Party! Class start items, multiple skins, description Item rarity, description, bind Blood New in-game options Option to select how many items will drop Changed Windows.Forms to SFML.Window Updated .NET Framework version to 4.8 Updated SFML version to 2.5 Editors improvements A lot code improvements Some bugs fixed A lot more! Images Download https://github.com/ricardodalarme/CryBits I apologize to those who were waiting for the sprite editor in this version, I decided to postpone it to launch this version faster. However the feature will still be added in the future. Thanks! Suggestions are always welcome!
  14. It's seems a really good work, congratulations. Can't wait to play this (:
  15. I will add in some future version 2019 It's great to know that there are people following the project in this way I will try to bring news whenever possible, thank you very much for following the project, I'm always very happy to see your messages (: vou t Muito obrigado! Good idea! Thank you!! I will try to bring news as soon as possible
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