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  1. oh okey. Thanks for help bro. Edit: I did what he said. But it's not working I take the task and the task is over. No problem so far. but i can't deliver the finished task. Do you use teamviewer?
  2. Thanks for help. but i don't understand bro. Would you show me with one image. Which is wrong. Which page should I correct
  3. I created a quest by following the guide in the forum.The task is not complete. Please help me
  4. I saw this topic. My English is insufficient and I do not understand. Can you explain with images or a short video
  5. So how do I update this?
  6. I download the files given in the link above and throw them into my own files, but it does not happen. Images do not look complete and are incorrect. How can I adapt it to my own game
  7. Hello, when the characters level up in the game, hp / mp does not change and even if the character is 10 level, it gives 1 level monster exp. How can I fix them.I'm sorry for my bad english. Thanks for your help
  8. Hello. I want to add an interrupt task to the game. But there are no pictures in the forum topics. Can someone tell me with a short video or visuals. Thank you. Good Forums.
  9. Hello. Thank you for the subject. But there are no visuals on the subject. I can't add a task. Would you refresh the images, please.
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