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  1. first of all thank you for your answers. So how do I get the character to register in a certain region? Because it's annoying when it comes back to when it dies. However, while doing this, new players should not be affected by this situation.
  2. I want to make a respawn system for my game. My site should work like this. When your player dies, options will appear on the screen. The first option is respawn at the point of death (in exchange for scrolling) second option is resurrect in city A or B. (in exchange for gold) Is this system possible? Thanks for your help.
  3. I found and installed an application for this on the site and changed it by seeing it in this application. Didn't happen. Thank you for the reply. what I want is I want to place the skill bar next to the chat screen
  4. https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/7a76ce1e90eb0b13fc574c0a22d575a0.mp4 I guess you're talking about something like this. It's simple to make a chat bubble on fixed NPCs. For moving monsters, you can find a workaround by adding this to the attack animation. But the beast needs to be aggressive.
  5. the topic is current
  6. Fondep


    How do I balance items for wizard and warrior characters in my game? How should I start? For weapons and armor.
  7. Hello i am making changes to the frame I marked in the HotbarWindow File from the resources\gui\layouts\game folder, but when I start the server and enter the game, everything in the file becomes the same, what is the reason?
  8. thanks for the answer. But I have completed a lot of things, and the lack of cross-walking bothers me
  9. thank you for your attention and response. I wonder if there is no one who can do this on the forum. because it makes you feel more free in the game
  10. How can I apply the basic mode of diagonal movement, which is also mentioned in the forum?
  11. Fondep

    cant see

    You're welcome. And this is the character window . update the name to "character" and assign it to the gui folder. Do you need anything else?
  12. Try using the NPC you created as a spell. When Spell is used, let the npc be born and disappear after a certain time. this is the best solution for now
  13. Fondep

    cant see

    change the name "target" . put the image I gave in the resources/misc folder and replace it with the existing file
  14. Fondep

    cant see

    put the image I gave in the resources/gui folder and replace it with the existing file change the name of the image to "chatbox
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