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  1. I ended up adding checkboxes to the item editor to specify which weapon type I was using. You can then check out the Client>Entites> Enity.cs and find "UpdateSpriteAnimation" and add some checks to display whatever animation you want for that weapon type. I did this to add new animations but you could just add the checks to the current ones listed. I would just play around with it. To add the checkboxes search for every thing listed for the "TwoHand" checkbox and copy it for the new weapon types you want. Example: I added polearms and two handed weapon animations if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Weapon] != null && !item.TwoHanded && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.Weapon; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Shoot] != null && item.ProjectileId != Guid.Empty && !item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.Shoot; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.WeaponTwoHand] != null && item.TwoHanded && !item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.WeaponTwoHand; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.WeaponPolearm] != null && item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.WeaponPolearm; } }
  2. You can do this with common events and player variables. I don't use the default respawn locations (from class editor) at all.
  3. Thank you. Glad to know it's not just me.
  4. Hi! I just tried to run a fresh copy of the dev build and I get this error when opening the client. Also nothing in the log files.
  5. using his 2.5d packs https://www.pioneervalleygames.com/index.html I am working on a video showing the player housing atm. Will try to upload that and a combat video this weekend.
  6. Hi everyone. Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to do this. Currently the lights are drawn to the overlay which is drawn on top for the day/night. I am trying to find a way to draw lights below the roof layer. What would be a good way to handle this? Only way I have seen would be to draw a second overlay under the roof layer. I cant just move the current one as roofs would be too bright at night. Any one familiar with the engine can think of a better way to handle this? am I correct on how lights are handled? Thank you!
  7. Looks good boasfesta. Is it possible to render more map grids at a time? Seems to only render what is already on the screen. Would be cool to shrink the maps even more and allow connected maps not in current view to be rendered as well.
  8. From my understanding it was intended for the player to use a shield to block projectiles/attacks using right click. I remember seeing screenshots of someone using this in the past they were blocking rocks thrown at them or something but when I last checked the code I didn't see blocking actually doing anything if I'm not mistaken. Maybe someone should open a pull request add some function for it if it is not already there. You can change the speed though with this ""BlockingSlow": 30," in the config file. Ok it does look like some function is added it does only seem to run though if you have a shield equipped. Not sure exactly what it is calculating though. May be incomplete? Hopefully someone more familiar with it can help. Would be good to know what exactly it should be doing. public void TryBlock(bool blocking) { if (AttackTimer < Globals.Timing.Milliseconds) { if (blocking && !Blocking && AttackTimer < Globals.Timing.Milliseconds) { Blocking = true; PacketSender.SendEntityAttack(this, -1); } else if (!blocking && Blocking) { Blocking = false; AttackTimer = Globals.Timing.Milliseconds + CalculateAttackTime(); PacketSender.SendEntityAttack(this, 0); }
  9. No not at all just wasn't sure where you got that he didn't have someone editing the source for him. I'm not good at coding either. I just wanted to point out that they did try working with the source and the coder was running into some limitations that I guess they felt were not possible/worth the changes needed to continue.
  10. Not sure what you mean about not changing the source? I talked with the guy working on the code for this game a few times. He made tons of changes to the source but did run into some limitations he was not able to find solutions for when it came to farming editor he created. I know most of the answers to questions here are 'edit the source' mostly coming from people who do not code. Some things are just not worth it if you are having to rewrite core engine functions to make the feature you want which is what this was turning into.
  11. try this one https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/
  12. Curious if you ever found a solution to this problem?
  13. Follow this to get your source set up properly. https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/ Come back after that and I will help you change your client name.
  14. I dont really have an answer. but curious what is the limit for stackables?
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