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  1. Yes, I try others variables, search for a solution in the forum, but not found, as I'm still creating content for my project, I left it to solve later, because I believe that in the meantime there will be other updates that can solve this problem with the guilds
  2. I don't want to increase the size of the map, but the size of the tile, in the case of 32x32 to 40x40, because I wanted to give more graphic quality to the pixel art elements, is this change dangerous?
  3. Hello A doubt, in the same way I create animations for idle, cast, etc... I also create for paperdolls? thanks for all
  4. I understand, but, not has how make this change, why not has a form of exchange the icon (sprite) without trade item.
  5. Hello! there would be a way to change the icon of an item when it is dropped on the map, for example, a crystal represents that it dropped an armor, another icon represents that it dropped a weapon Thanks for all
  6. Sorry, later I found this topic and resolve my problems
  7. Hello for all, sorry for my english, I no use google translate My question is, how I can increase time in the "Spawn Item"
  8. is it possible to put a movement sprite and a stop and an attack sprite?
  9. my doubt is simple, I made a new drawing for the hotbar, saved with the same name, but it keeps the old image.
  10. which project is better, this or intersect engine ?
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