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  1. Hey, I appreciate the help. Apologies for the numerous questions. Thank you for clarifying.
  2. Thanks, folks. Appreciate it. I'll be bringing more questions here, practically daily, so be warned. If you are all this helpful, I'm gonna stick around. Downloading now, and installing all the bells and whistles I may, or may not, use one day. Better to have a not want, than want, and not have...
  3. Okay. Totally new to this. Always wanted to make a game, but never took the time to learn to code. Found out about Intersect, now I'm finally making a game. One... How do I edit the source most easily? I notice a lot is garbled up, and encrypted (I think). Is there an app I can use to display text files more easily? Two... I was testing, and died... How do I set a respawn point, and make it work? Three.... How can I modify my avatar to make it invincible. This will be my admin character, so I'm not trying to die constantly while testing. Also, I'll have lot more questions for everyone, so the more feedback, the better. I'll follow this thread, and try to keep my questions in here, instead of everywhere.
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