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  1. Hey there, is it possible to change the exp bar to a money bar? So i can collect infinite amount of money without "level up". And in the bar is only the exact number of money? And is it also possible to delete the mana bar? greetings, PalDiaray
  2. Hey there, is it possible to put my game into a browser? (Maybe with a flash converter or something like that?) greetings, Pal Diaray
  3. Thanks, yeah it worked for me
  4. Hey Refur, thanks for your answer. I tried it what you said but didn't work for me. Can you show me a short example? That would be awesome! greetings, PalDiaray
  5. Hey there, i just want to know how i can configure an event that close it after interact with it. Example: I'll open a chest in a game and gain some coins. After that the chest is open and i cant get more coins out of it. I tried the exit event processing, but it didn't help. PalDiaray
  6. Thats cool, thank you And how i can delete the Attributes (blocked), so i can walk through the open door?
  7. Hey there, is it possible to change tiles/background etc, with an event. I want to press a button to open a door. So if i pressed a button on the map, i'll see the open door and the button changes to a green button. And if it isn't possible, how i can open doors (delete Block Event) with an event (button)... Thank you for your answers, have a nice day, PalDiaray
  8. Okay thank you, for the answer
  9. Okay Thank you
  10. Hey there, When can I expect to see new releases? i work at the moment on my own "Game-Project" and i love the Intersect Engine. Its a very nice tool to create new RPG's. I just have a small Question.. Do you know, when i can do my own Quests or some other features? Wish you all a nice Day! PalDiaray
  11. Hey there, i just want to know, how i can give specific players an specific item ingame? Is there a "code" or can i do it with the "insert function"? PalDiaray
  12. Thats cool Thank you for the answer. Okay ill try it. Hope i can do it Because, im not that good in stuff like this.
  13. But if they play my game, they can change the game feeling by changing the sprites
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