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  1. Aru, who never played an intersect game have this problem. Can only occurs at newest versions. If you already have a registry in you PC, any config saves everytime, but if u try download in a new PC (what never been opened any version of intersect client.exe) and try change any config, it doesn't work, ever back to defaut.
  2. You sound tracks area really Insane, i want to use in my game, theres so many... My game is Medieval / Fantasy. I've listened to over 50 and they're all amazing!!!!
  3. You need only to rebound that, i made one myself and just change the bould to more to right and it's works. for change the atributes name, you only want to change in Client_Strings.json
  4. Cool, i can do that ofc. That's no problem, i know how depressing is see you current exp is low and the exp to next lv is a really astronomic number, that's make me really bored, that's why i make this xD
  5. Hey guys I came to share a way to change the EXP label to % with decimals. Some players know how anoying and frustrating when you get lv and it's show 315171737819273171312751358109131 of exp to next Lv. So, i changed that to show in % with decimals, you can change many as you want. How to do that! Go to: Intersect.Client Interface Game EntityPanel Open EntityBox.cs Find: private void UpdateXpBar(float elapsedTime, bool instant = false) Add: var percent = targetExpWidth * 100; ExpLbl.Text = percent == 0 ? $"{percent}%" : $"{percent:0.0000}%"; This one have four number 0 after the first number, like: 0,0000% I just disabled the: ExpLbl.Text = Strings.EntityBox.expval.ToString( ((Player) MyEntity)?.Experience, ((Player) MyEntity)?.GetNextLevelExperience() ); just putting /* before and */ after Because if i want to change back, just delete the last 2 lines and enable "ExpLbl.Text" again Look how it is. Before: After: Look how it's appear at my game. (the private void) That's it!
  6. For some reason, the Cleanse is bugged, it's taking off the icons at top when using in a player with buffs, but the stats bonus remain, but the icons with the time remain disappear.
  7. It's Private, we cant see.
  8. You can put a respawn in a city making a common event with a variable. First, create a Player Variable in boolean with name: Spawn city 1. Second, create an Event and put it to give the Variable. Example: Statue of Life. When a player inteact with this event it will give the variable. Third, Create a Common event and put it "On Respawn", put the same name: Spawn City 1. At Spawn/Execution Conditions put: Condition Type: Variable is... Player Variable: Spawn City 1 Boolean Variable: TRUE And at Commands, put: Warp. Chose where you want to respawn when die. Aaaaand it's done. You can create many spawn points at this way. But whenever you need do change the spawn potion you need to up to put the old variable false.
  9. Yo, send 15 USD to help o/ Its not much but is what i can affort atm.
  10. Theres a way to create a variable when at input variable? Example: the new guild update need a player variable, but i want to create the variable with the commandn like: /createguild Avengers Then guild Avengers will be created.
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