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  1. You got to treat it like an NTF and right click > save as.
  2. I did search here before posting, but I didn't check the Git which I just did now and I didn't see anything about this issue. I just now just increased the cast frames to 6 and duplicated 2 of the 4 frames on the sheet and if anything it looks arguably better as it looks like the end of the cast goes a little quicker.
  3. Hello all, I did a quick search around the help section but I was unable to find a previous post with this same issue. I just started messing around with a new project this morning and ran into an issue that I can get worked out, although I'll admit I have only been messing around with the visual stuff for the most part. I have a sprite template that I am working on, but to keep stuff simple I am just using this sprite sheet for movement and casting. The movement side of things works perfect. All sheets are based on sprites being 64x64. I can throw a sprite in there if it makes things easier. Movement: Example (Just walks down and then in a circle, it looks stupid, but its working exactly how I wanted): The issue I run into is with the casting animation. It looks like it runs through fine but then after frame 4 it goes to a blank frame before going back to the standing frame. Casting: Example: I get that I could probably adjust the cast time of the spell or something but I assume if there was a minute cast time it would spend 15 seconds on each frame. Currently it goes 1, 2, 3, 4 , blank blue frame. Even if I make every single 64x64 frame a different color it still has the blue blank frame at the end of the casting animation. When I have an actual sprite filled in the blue frame is just a completely blank frame. The one and only thing I have changed so far is the NormalFrames. I did attempt to move the cast frames up and down by one but it kind of did the same thing. I have restarted both client and server. "Sprites": { "IdleFrames": 4, "NormalFrames": 6, "CastFrames": 4, "AttackFrames": 4, "ShootFrames": 4, "WeaponFrames": 4, "NormalSheetAttackFrame": 3, "NormalSheetDashFrame": 1, "MovingFrameDuration": 200, "IdleFrameDuration": 200, "TimeBeforeIdle": 4000 Do I need to have more or less casting frames? I
  4. Silence: Blocks the player from casting magic. Stun: Blocks the player from casting spells and walking. Snare: Blocks the player from walking. Blind: Makes all basic damage dealt to 0. Stealth: Makes the player invisible. Transform: Transforms the player into another sprite. This can all be found on the official documentation. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Spells/index.html
  5. At first look he looks like the bunny they had to fight (I have not finished super). I thought maybe his ears were a bit too big, but then I looked at some pictures and I think they are spot on proportionally speaking as well as the detail on everything else. Especially after seeing him in game he looks really small. Going to back to the pictures of him online there are a lot of discrepancies, sometimes he is drawn really tiny some times he is really tall. My vote would be to make him a little taller and wider. Overall I think its a real nice job so far. https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Beerus?file="Future"_Trunks_Saga_-_Ep58_27.png
  6. The word you were looking for was barber shop, or a salon. I can guarantee you 1000% no one is going to be able to help you fix it without the crash log. But here is the link to a very good tutorial on how to add new equipment slots. Try following along and see if you can spot your mistake. Worst comes to worst revert to the backup you made right before making the changes.
  7. 8 Directional movement looks sick. You could always call it the Lupine Engine.
  8. I meant to post this before you went in and wish you good luck, but I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  9. Look into gmail alias' its a lot simpler. You don't have to set up an additional email address and bother with forwarding all your emails to another email address.
  10. I actually deal with gmail smtp settings all the time in my job. I don't know if this will translate into Intersect but normally when working with Gmail and email from a 3rd party program these will help: Smtp Server: smtp.gmail.com Port: 25, 465, or 587 SSL: Enabled You need to disable 2 Step Verification (not always needed). You need to enable Less secure apps. This will only help if the emails are being sent from the google account. I have not looked at the password recovery tool nor am I going to pretend to know how it works.
  11. Safe = By default players can pass through each other, players cannot attack each other. Normal = By default players can not pass through each other, players can attack each other. If a player were to die they would drop their equipment. Arena = By default players can not pass through each other, players can attack each other. If a player were to die they would not drop their equipment.
  12. 1a. Make sure you read the link Gibier posted first, its not complete but it will get you started. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Welcome.html 1. Thats going to be in the controls on the client. There is an option on the menu for controls. You will still need to create weapons for them to use later. (https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Items/index.html) 2. You are going to have to create a spell in the editor, and then teach that spell to a character using an item or a event. You are most likely going to use an item for this if you are just getting started, you can do this in the item editor. (https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Spells/index.html) 3. You will create a projectile in the projectile editor and then create a weapon in the item editor that fires said projectile. (No help file for this yet)
  13. Very nice, the animation looks really good. I would love to see some creepy branch arms trying to grab you.
  14. Im not 100% but I think you just need to change the 8 to a 5 on the ShieldSlot. Edit: I re-read your question and it seems like you did that on purpose. Sorry, should have read that first. Please down vote and report me.
  15. You have to adjust the size of the picture so that it divides into the correct number of frames. This is one of the few things that has some pretty good documentation. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Animations/UsageExamples.html
  16. If you have not yet looked at the help file for the animation editor try making sure the animation itself is set up correctly. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Animations/index.html https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Content_Editors/Animations/UsageExamples.html
  17. Yes for sure I like #2 the best. I love your game's overall palette and I get the reasons for the change. Looking at the screenshots the spiders do fit in perfectly. Also, major props on nixing the recolors. I understand in a lot of places especially in older games where it was kinda needed, but having palette swapped enemies instantly makes the game feel cheap to me.
  18. Damn, but my opinion is still the same. I like a lot of the colors on the lower ones better, I dont really like the higher contrasting of the top ones. In my opinion the first two monsters look like they had the quality turned down on them and they got a lot more pixelated.
  19. Looking at the first row, I was like wow these are like really good. Looking at the second row and seeing that this is new VS old the first row I was like wow the first row was good but now they look like shit compared. Only criticisms are I like the snake's tongue color better on the top snake, and I liked the longer head on the mouse. I also like the purple leaves on the plant, maybe for a boss plant.
  20. I think the first one would be wasted as a shop theme, I really liked how it picked up at the end. The last one was the best IMO, got a lot of double dragon city beat em up vibes.
  21. Really nice job. Could be really nice for the start of a journey/quest, also sounds like it would fit for rolling through the credits at the end of a game.
  22. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Welcome.html Long story short everything but the editor works on Linux & Mac.
  23. That was really good. Honestly I think that video (even though its for a kickstarter) is a perfect example of what an Intersect game can be if you put in the work. Make sure I get a PM when the campaign starts so I don't miss it. My one and only complaint is that in my opinion there was a lot of dark combat scenes bunched up around the middle that, again in my opinion, didn't really help to show off how beautiful all of the other visuals in the game are. Its a game about werewolves so I know there is going to be a lot of night combat, and towards the end it looked great. I don't really have any suggestions on improvement tho, maybe adding in some more daytime combat in between? The best part in my opinion, 1:16 where you walked from the forest into the desert, looks amazing. Edit: You know what I watched it again and even though it looks a little dark for my liking in some scenes, all of the lighting and colors look totally amazing and look better in each re-watch. I also forgot to mention how I like that you are getting your ass kicked in every combat.
  24. Are you keeping the sprites or getting new ones? Either way I kinda like contrast between the two. The tiles themselves look great.
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