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  1. Hello, I have 2 quick questions. - How can I not display the name of an NPC? (example of a firefly) - Is there a way to have a step sound depending on the environment on which the player walks and which does not use the events? (because the events are much too heavy for the game) Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Yes, that's what I understood. Anyway, it's not a big problem.
  3. Hello I don't understand why my NPC "chicken" has the name in red when it is an NPC that it is normally peaceful.
  4. Dovas

    Map types

    so what you said is the right version of the system.
  5. the problem is that it only affects the direction of the left
  6. Indeed, I created the "other" location since from the moment there is a "Slots" which is a "ShieldSlo t" so 8 in my case, there is the problem of movement when the character moves to the left. I don't know why!
  7. Hello, sorry to bother you again with my problems. For some time now, I have had a problem with ShieldSlod in the server> resources> config.json as well as in the game. how to explain. In the configuration.json file, I modified the location of the ShieldSlot as in the image: I put it on "Other" because in the game, when I equip an object belonging to the "ShieldSlot", my character has a movement problem when it moves to the left. When the character moves to the left, he turns in slow motion. Then, when I disassemble the object that belongs to the "ShieldSlot", there is no longer any slowing to the left. That's why I created the "Slots" "Other" to not equip anything on this site. Sorry if I misspoke, I use a translator. If necessary, I can make a video that shows the problem. Thank you for your help.
  8. Bonjour désolé de vous déranger encore avec mes problèmes. Depuis quelque temps, j'ai un problème avec ShieldSlod dans le serveur> ressources> config.json ainsi que dans le jeu. comment expliquer. Dans le fichier configuration.json, j'ai modifié l'emplacement du ShieldSlot comme dans l'image: Je le mets sur "Autre" car dans le jeu, lorsque j'équipe un objet appartenant au "ShieldSlot", mon personnage a un problème de mouvement lorsqu'il se dirige vers la gauche. Lorsque le personnage se déplace vers la gauche, il tourne au ralenti. Ensuite, lorsque je désassemble l'objet qui appartient au "ShieldSlot", il n'y a plus de ralentissement vers la gauche. C'est pourquoi j'ai créé le "Slots" "Autre" pour ne rien équiper sur ce site. Désolé si je me suis mal exprimé, j'utilise un traducteur. Si nécessaire, je peux faire une vidéo qui montre le problème. Merci de votre aide.
  9. it's ironic because just after reading your message I said to myself "ah yes of course, thank you, but I knew it" indeed a few days ago I had already modified the maxlevel and the maxstat but each time there had been a problem in the server ( too many it seems to me) but it wasn't due to too many maxlevel or maxstat since I had put 101 for the maxlevel and 300 for the maxstat. I still don't know why on several occasions my server one closed but today (well, tonight for me who am in France) I came back on the subject and I modified again the maxlevel and maxstat and strangely enough it worked. whereas I for several days I thought that we could not yet modify these values and that we had to wait for a future update.
  10. Hello or good evening, I am currently creating small projects to learn all the possibilities of the software but I wonder if the limit of 255 for some value and the limit of level 100 will be modifiable in the future. PS: sorry if the question has already been asked.
  11. I'm trying to put my game in French but I do not know how to do it, you have a modification technique to perform, help me.
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