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  1. Kagamine

    Enemy teleporting player

    It will because monster switch and teleport switch are not the same, the only difference is: When a new fight starts you can login and you will be already inside the monster, but the timer will start anyway so you get outside after 30s anyway ^_^
  2. Kagamine

    Enemy teleporting player

    @Dashplant Since the event trigger is an player switch (only turns false when player is teleported out) this make no difference, when the player login again the timer will start again
  3. Kagamine

    Enemy teleporting player

    @Khaikaa I somehow already did what I want, not the way I want but its "working"... xD @The Bunny Gamer The way I did it's working "fine", players must fight in 2 fronts, kill the mob to get inside him (one by one) and then break his heart! xD @Dashplant In my case there's a lot of mobs inside with "one hit kill" projectiles as a "body defense system" So if player don't break the herat he will die soon or later... xD Even if player manage to don't die an auto event is started when the heart is killed, after 30s every player is send outside anyway!
  4. Kagamine

    Enemy teleporting player

    @The Bunny Gamer Yeah, it's a great idea but I was thinking about a "minor event" inside the mob where player must fight with the monster from inside to make it way out! This is why I wanted to teleport the player, the only way i found to do this is using a global switch (when the mob dies is start a event to the "last hit" player that instantly respawns the monster and teleport the player to inside his belly), when the player break the monster heart a new global switch is activated so the monster don't respawn anymore and the player is send to outside the mob, after some seconds an auto-run event turns off every switch for the next fight! Hope everyone can understand my bad english and thanks for the help...!! ><
  5. Kagamine

    Enemy teleporting player

    @AspiringAdventurer But both teleport and event spells are only self cast (as long as I know)
  6. Kagamine

    [C#] CryBits v0.5.0

    Looks great! Keep the good work! (uma engine tão binitinha sendo desenvolvida por um brasileiro e ainda por cima de graça... que surpresa!! xD)
  7. Kagamine

    Enemy teleporting player

    @Niko I want to make a BIG mob with "Eat" spell, this would send 1 player to inside the mob (another map) so the player must get outside and back to the fight!
  8. Kagamine

    Enemy teleporting player

    @Khaikaa So there is no way to make a mob teleport the player?
  9. Kagamine

    Intersect Development Road Map

    I have never noticed we can watch some videos from B6 in this topic, my GOD, this looks AWESOME!! Really this is the BEST 2D MMO engine available nowadays, thanks DEV team!!
  10. Kagamine

    Enemy teleporting player

    I am trying to make an enemy teleport the player using the projectile system, on hit this projectile shoud cast a teleport spell but it's not wotking, even tryed an event teleport on hit but still not working, am I missing something?
  11. Kagamine

    Can't compile client

    Managed to compile it, thank you! ^_^
  12. Kagamine

    Players limit?

    It's because every single "eclipse" engine have a maximum number os players, so Intersect have no player limits since my server can hold it?
  13. Kagamine

    Players limit?

    How many players can connect to Intersect at same time?