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  1. use a event, and then set the event to open bank for global (everyone) or use @Neeknog's way, both are the same, just worded differently
  2. usirname

    WIP Usatsune

    this looks epic man! i will try some of this content next year (a days away) i look forward to it, thanks!
  3. @Artheios he obv belongs on mobile, and not the personal computer
  4. @Artheios i like the post you mentioned, but this man said its boring and outdated to move with the asdw lol,
  5. you could implement movement steps by replicating them by your own mouth , like what i do wow wrong post sorry!
  6. today in my project, i focused my attention on animation Embedded Video Link tomorrow i will finish the graveyard, just north of otters fruit and veg shop i added ghouls to my journal today aswell, but im not so happy with the pathing in thus area Embedded Video Link i will fix next year.
  7. haha thanks, i love it, for sure i agree and then you can edit the scene as to how you think it "could be better" sometimes turns out to be even more an epic, and whats more epic than that is its your very own creation in a way
  8. hello, this idea has had me thinking alot but i have a small brain and cant find a way to get this to work, i hope some one with a bigger brain will chime in and help us! id love this in my project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edit: i posted at the same time as @Artheios and he has just had a brilliant idea for me to try!! thank you again artheios!!
  9. @Artheios thanks!, many many days have been spent prior to me actually creating, because of organising and honestly appreciating the artists pixel art skills, getting all the tiles into the actual folders where you can place them is priority, but organised enough you can find the with little effort, so the flow will be uninterrupted and more wholesome, i am currently working on a spooky graveyard, i have a fond memories in an old 2d mmorpg, where there was a passage behind a bookcase, in a little house in the woods, that leaded to a graveyard where you found the ghouls and skeletons, it was epic, the whole scene, so i am back to the drawing board creating a tile set (by creating i mean finding what works best together maybe some recolours and customising) create the scene then i can get to set the lighting again! and place the block tiles!! (placing block tiles for me is actually one of my favourite parts )
  10. baskin in the ambience of this fruit & veg shop, fixed it a bit (still not happy with every detail) but for tonight i am done, i love the lighting system in the intersect engine! thanks to all that work behind the scenes on this wonderful project at ascension game dev, letting my imagination run wild (in these wild times) Embedded Video Link
  11. i am crafting my first items since i started using the intersect engine, lets do it together today in my project, i crafted bread. Embedded Video Link
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