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  1. they can look any way you wish, can i suggest too you this, if you take your character sprite and make a search on google for a website called piskel, it is a free online sprite editor and its really good! import you character sprite then add a new layer and draw something over the first character on your sprite, doesn't matter what you draw really, you should save these 2 sprites as separate sprite sheets, name the character image after your favourite superhero and put it back in the entities folder, inside intersect, then your only left with the doodle you just created, try to give it a cool ability name to match your superhero's traits, you should then save the drawing in paperdolls ill break this into 2 parts for easy peasy reading, if you like tea or coffee now would be a perfect time to grab one sit back and have some sips, because we are nearly done, i suggest we move on to part 2 now? if you would follow me to the next paragraph we shall get started on the next steps, hey there, if you're reading this you have arrived safely, which is good, shall we proceed, next step open the intersect editor and create a new item, under general select the type equipment, i suggest setting the base damage of your new weapon over 9000, if you scroll way down and you see paperdoll click it and select the drawing you created earlier in the free online sprite editor, piskel, click save, and we are done! if you equip your new sword and face down, you will see your awesome new creation, experiment and play around, the possibility's are endless! now all you do is create another 15 sprites for the rest of the characters on your superhero spritesheet and you will have a weapon, but that's all, it wont work until you create a new sprite sheet by loading up piskel and duplicating your new sword sprite sheet, i suggest posing your new sword around your character , this time its for an attack so get creative! after your done all you do is save the new new sword, and name it after your first new sword except at the end add _weapon, for example if i chose the name for my new sword id have named it omnilingualism, because my weapon would be named after an ability my favourite superhero deathstroke aka slade wilson would use, example: sprite sheet number 1, sword name omnilingualism, sprite sheet number 2 sword name omnilingualism_weapon, put them together inside the paperdoll folder, inside intersect, and when you use your weapon something magical happens inside the interesect engine and it automatically changes the sprites around depending on what your character is doing! if you get stuck send me a message and i will send you some sprites to look at, you will see what im saying is hella simple, when you know, all it is really is a time consumer, i will admit tho the end result makes it all worth the time and effort imo,
  2. if u need any further information just ask and ill try my best to help
  3. oh no problem the sword on the video i posted has 3 separate sprite sheets saved in the paperdolls folder, inside resources sword01 -- standard sword01_idle -- it changes to this one when you stand still for a bit sword01_weapon -- then this one when you attack i think if you write _weapon after your sword name it will fasten the animation to your sword everytime you attack however i will say, that after i updated to the newest version it is looking like something is off
  4. hello, i recently upgraded from version to and the animations and paperdoll's i created are not working as they did in the older version i cant find anything anywhere about it, does anyone know what is happening here? this first video is version Embedded Video Link below is version Embedded Video Link im sorry for the size of the videos i couldn't figure out how to restrict the size of them, i have resized them but it expands to screen size automatically or something...
  5. hey there, yeah i will try haha im not the best at explaining things, so the projectile is moving forward at the same time the animation is cycling through the frames and extending backwards, i am sure its mostly to do with how the image is cut and the speed of the projectile also how fast the animation is, i could show the animation sheet i used for this if it would help, im on my mobile right now tho so would need to be tomorrow, your animation looks sweet man and looks like its very close to where u want it edit: i just noticed there was another way mentioned from Artheios just above my post, i haven't tried that way but i can see how that would work too, so i am not sure what method is easier or suits you the best, i should add that i done it this way because its actually a consumable grapple hook activated from my inventory, and not a spell like your one, the one advantage of using the projectile as far as i can see is the distance of your lightning bolt could possibly travel a further distance and still carry damage outside of the standard grid, however the way that Artheios has mentioned might be a lot easier for an animation like your one, you could set it up the way Artheios has mentioned and possibly add an invisible projectile i am not sure as ive not tried it, only because your animation is more dynamic and expands in all ways, the animation i used only expands in one directions and adds pieces of rope on to the grapple hook in time with the speed of the projectile to give this effect, excuse the wall of text haha i hope some of this has helped p.s lmk if u need the animation sheet, i got it here if it helps
  6. Embedded Video Link you can do it with a projectile, and just work backwards with the image, if this makes any sense, change the projectiles speed to match how many rows or frames your animation has, and it should look like the projectile is not moving at all
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