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Rebirth Fantasy is a 2D Online ORPG that is being developed using Visual Basic 6.0, RFO will be a fantasy theme game which players are placed on a world with Swords and Magic. Story line will be a little bit anime-like and we are basing the player game story on the character on the story we create
Rebirth Fantasy engine is created from scratch using DirectX8 as our Graphic Engine and Bass Sound System for our sfx and WinSocket for network
The Graphics and SFX we will be using are custom made from Rebirth Fantasy Team



Game Style
There were 7 Active Dungeons in Artic Continent, Human's started the Adventurer Guild as a place where adventurer accept missions and task and enter on one of those Dungeons. Their task is to explore and search for treasures inside the dungeon or they can do hunting missions or searching for items, mining for ores and more.
Using the items they collect, they can create weapons and armors or they can also upgrade them to next level
Adventurers are not set into a class restriction they can freely use any weapons they wanted to use as long as they have the skills to do use them





Chapter 1: Rise of the new Hero


Demon attacks have been known since hundred years ago, Human fight to survive through demon attacks. Humans only know that Demons came from mysterious dungeons that keep appearing everywhere around the whole Kia Continent. but there are 7 great dungeons that Human fear, those 7 great dungeons have been called as the "Sin's Dungeon" as they name each of them as the 7 Deadly Sins:
Dungeon of Lust (a water type dungeon)
Dungeon of Gluttony (an earth type dungeon)
Dungeon of Sloth (a wind type dungeon)
Dungeon of Envy (an electric type dungeon)
Dungeon of Wrath (a fire type dungeon)
Dungeon of Pride (a light type dungeon)
Dungeon of Greed (a dark type dungeon)
Each of those dungeons has a dungeon keeper that protect the spiritual orb that holds the power of the mysterious dungeon. Humans have gathered strong adventurer to obtain those orb hoping that those orb can be used as a power to stop the demons
at the Town Guild where all adventurers gather to get missions for the Guild like Hunting Demons, Gathering Items and a lot of more. A young warrior looking guy with a wooden sword on his back tied with a cheap cloth and wearing a brown leather clothes which normal villager usually wear entered the Town Guild and walk toward the reception area
the girl receptionist quickly asked "Are you here to post a mission?" asking him if he is in need of help or anything that isn't related to what they usually say to a normal adventurer
"Ah, no... I'm actually here to become an adventurer!" he replied with active voice, without any hesitation, he said those words without fear on how dangerous an adventurer's job is. It's like his dream was to become an adventurer
"Oh, I'm sorry about that. Fill up this form please.." the receptionist embarrassedly replied after she mistaken him as a person who will offer a job request, "My name is Shiella, I'm the in charge of newly joined adventurer like you, and may I ask your name, sir?" she asked after the young warrior finish filling up the adventurer entry form, "Luke! Kio Luke" he replied, after Shiella explained the job of an adventurer to Luke, Luke's eye is filled with excitement on how his adventure will turn out!
"Luke, may I asked why did you decide to become an adventurer with that young age? do your parents know about this?" shiella curiously asked that question, because there are only a few (almost to none) young people become an adventurer, and some of the died early
"Being an Adventurer looks cool! I was saved by an adventurer from a demon last 2 years ago, and he looks soo cool when he saved me. I was looking for what am I suppose to do with my future, but after I saw that adventurer. I've decided that I'll become an adventurer like him" Luke replied
after Shiella finished explaining the things that an Adventurer do, the rules of an Adventurer and other stuff, she showed him the Bulletin Board where people put job in there and adventurer pick the job they wanted and accept it in the reception area, Shiella will be in charge of those New adventurers so she was about to ask Luke which job does he want but remembering that Luke is still a beginner, Shiella recommend a gathering job and Luke is slightly bit disappointed since he was expecting more like a demon hunting job or saving a person job.
"This Job is suited for Beginner like you Luke, I can't just let you go, Demon Hunting, the day you just joined as an Adventurer without proper experience" Shiella said this with a tone like a Teacher advising her student properly
"Yes, Ma'am..." Luke replied half-heartedly
The Job that Shiella give him is
"Talli Island Guild Request"
"-- Herbs --"
"Location: Lost Forest"
"Reward: $5 each herb"
Luke went off the Guild and started his journey to Lost Forest, which is the only part where they can find herbs in Talli Island, after searching for the entire 4 hours, Luke still haven't found any Herbs and started to get impatient
"AAAAHHHH! Why can't I find a single herb on this area! are they sure that there are Herbs around this area?!"
after searching the entire time, Luke still haven't found any Herb and decided to take a break near the small lake
"I guess, being an adventurer doesn't mean everything they do are awesome, so there are times they do this boring job.." Luke said to himself.. after a few minutes break, Luke stand up and decide to continue his search and at that moment he notice something across the lake, it's the herb that he was looking for "A herb! finally, I found one! but how do I get across to the other side?" Luke tried to search for something to use so that he can go across the lake but can't find anything useful so he decided to swim through the lake without knowing how dangerous it is to swim in a lake in the forest, when Luke reached the middle part of the lake, he feels that he was being sucked below
"AAHH What's happening?!" Luke said those word while in panic. He sank underwater and when he tried to look below, a Huge Whale type one-eyed demon with an antenna on its head that works like a Lantern to give light on the dark part of the Lake, "(a demon!)". Luke tried to swim upward, but the pressure of the water being pulled downward by the demon's large mouth is just too strong, even if Luke tried to resist by throwing his sword toward the demon, since they are underwater the wooden sword just got washed away, Luke no longer be able to resist and he was about to lost consciousness. he heard a voice whisper to his mind
".... Are you giving up? ...."
Luke think that these words are what adventurer hear when they are about to die
"No, But what can I do? I'm not strong at all"
".... Do you seek power? ...."
".... For what? ...."
"To become an adventurer!"
".... Isn't that a selfish reason for seeking power, it seems that I can't- ...."
"It's not selfish at all! Dreams come from what we admire, Dreams give us hope in our future life, even if sometimes there are an unreachable dream, as long as we keep dreaming about what do we want to become on our future self we can continue to live in this world without giving up! so that's why I AM NOT GIVING UP" after he said those words in his mind, he opened his eye
The demon whale keep pulling Luke downward, he decided to swim toward the demon, combining the speed of how the charge toward the demon and the pressure pulling him downward, Luke took the kitchen knife he have on his belt pocket and point it toward the demon, the moment Luke entered the demon's mouth the knife pierce through the demon and he was able to cut the demon inside and escaped at the tail part of the demon


Chapter 2: Lost Dungeon


After Luke defeated the whale monster and raised up to the ground, he notices his surrounding is completely dark and that he is not in the Lost Forest anymore. He can't see the surrounding properly so he slowly move within the place trying to search for what he can use to light up the area. While blindly walking around reaching out his hand to something, he felt a moist wall, which he tried to follow the wall and finally he saw a torch lighting up the area. He took that torch and when he tried to inspect the surroundings, it seems that he is inside some kind of Ruins.
"What is this place?"
he tried to go back to the lake where he came from and check if he can still go back to the forest, but after remembering his fight against that demon, he seems to be aware that there might be a chance that another demon like one of that appeared again might attack him, so he decided not to take the risk and continue to search for a way out on the ruins.
"Ah! I'm completely lost. and this Torch seems to be at it's limit, what should I do? aahhh~" he said that with a exchausted tone
He gathered some pile of woods and light it up with the small fire remaining from the torch and he prepared some extra woods to use to make a torch so he could continue moving again. While he is taking a break the smoke coming up from the fire started to spread throughout the small area of the ruins, even though it can only spread at a certain distance it's still enough for some demons to get attracted by the smoke, Luke notices that he attracted 2 Rat type demons that are as big as dogs and have a fangs like wolfs and it's tail have spikey torns that they can use to attack long distance, they are slowly moving toward lukes like they are preparing to attack him and Luke took out his knife and preparing to strike too.
The two rats jump toward Luke trying to bite him and Luke dodged by ducking down and rollover in front and he tried to slash the one rat on it's tail but the knife broke, it seems that it's not enough to slash through it. After his weapon broke Luke immediately began to run. while the rats are chasing Luke, they started launching the torns from their tail and Luke keep dodging those torns, he was cornered and more rats appeared making it 8 rats now.
"What should I do now?" he asked himself while in panic, while searching for something he can use inside the room, he notice a strange looking sword at the ceiling "A sword!" he shouted when he saw the sword, he look around for what he can use to get the sword that is stuck at the ceiling and he tried to build a step using some boulders he moved. the rats seems to be coming closer. he was able to grab the sword handle but it seems to be stuck and cannot be drawn, the rats destroyed the boulder step he made and was unable to go down while he step on the ceiling being in a upside down position, he can't seem to go down since those rats are waiting for him
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" he keep trying to pull out the sword and there's a trace that the ceiling is about to collapse while he pull the sword, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!" he shouted and pulled out the sword and the ceiling collapsed, Luke was able to jump outside the room when he fall since he use the falling rocks of the ceiling to jump outside the room and 4 rats were crushed by those rocks, he pulled a strange looking sword, it was made by a unknown large tooth it's not really that sharp as a sword but it seems to be sturdy
He then tried to attack the closest rat with the sword, the rat tried to guard it with it's tail but the sword was able to damage the tail of the rat. He continuesly attack it with the sword,however Luke doesn't have any experience with using a sword and he is not trained as a warrior so he just randomly slash the opponent with the sword he has finally taking down a single rat. however he lost quite alot of bit of stamina by taking down a single rat, he don't know if he can handle to take down the other 3 rats coming at him, so he use his remaining stamina to flee.
He found a small hole in the corner and while the rat is still far behind him, he crawled and cover his scent with blood that he took from the rat he killed. the other 3 rats passed through him not knowing that he is hiding, it seems that he was able to escape from those rats.
after taking a few minutes rest to regain his stamina, he continued moving to search for a way out...


Chapter 3: Change


During Luke's expedition looking for a way out inside the ruin. He encounter various kind of rat type monsters, one similar to the rat that chaise him, and the others are similar type but their body color is red and they are more agressive than than the one other one. Luke finally gain strength to fight on the monster he encounter but he avoid entering on a place where he will most likely get ambush by group.

"Hmm, I wonder how long has it been since I got trapped here?" said Luke while walking on a one way path, he worries about the task he accept since it have a 2 days time limit and he wonder if Shiella know that he got trapped, if so, they might send some adventure to look for him. but there are still alot of mysteries remain about that ruin which Luke still don't know about

after several minutes have passed walking on a single path way, he found a two paths and a weird wall sculpture between the walls of those 2 paths forming a whale type species and it reminds him about the whale demon that drag him underwater. He thought that there are some more of those species ahead, so he prepare his bone sword while slowly walking through the path, he choose to go on the left path. ahead of that path he entered a wide glowing lake room that full of grass and herbs inside, at the center part of the lake there's a glowing staff surrounded by 4 pillars in 4 direction, Luke is curious about what that staff is but because of his experience about suddenly going on the lake without knowing that's in the lake, he decide not to go to take the risk and decided to head back again at the part where paths was divided to check the other path but while he is heading back, he sense a group of rats heading toward his path

"Darn, so I can't head back. I have no choice" luke decided to go back on the lake again and try to swim at the center part since he knows that those rats won't be able to chaise after him at the center part due to their heavy torns at their tail that can sink them once they swim at the part where their feet can't reach the ground, while Luke is swimming toward the center part, he didn't notice any whale monster at the lake so he continue to swim without rushing to save his stamina

Upon reaching the place where those pillars and the staff is located, the glowing orb at the edge of the staff shine brighter and while Luke was looking at that orb, he notice a strange power entering on his body so he touch the orb and the orb that glow on white color suddenly turned red. and something is entering on Luke's mind, fire images. then the orb faded out and suddenly broke apart, Luke unconsciously took the staff and point it toward the rats waiting and guarding the path, and Luke started to cast words

"Hear me! The great spirit of fire, lend me your powers to burn those who stand in my way" Luke unconsciously said those words and a fire ball was launched on the staff and it hit the rats few of them was defeated but others escaped, after casting that fire spell, Luke stamina run out and he fall unconscious

When he gain consciousness he remember that he casted a fire type magic "Fire Ball", the path he entered was closed since the explosion of the fire ball he cast on the rats near the entrance, destroy some part of the ceiling and ended up closing the entrance, he looked back where the pillars are and he notice a man made like path and he thought that this is the path way out, so he stand up and continue searching for a way out

When he followed the path, he notice a bright area so he thought that it's the way out, and rushed forward but he arrive on a huge room that have a temple inside it, and the light is coming from a crystal surrounding the area, he went inside the temple and look for a hint of way out, he then found a map, it describe properly the map of the ruins, he notice the part where he arrive and the part where he previously been. but one thing he notice about the map, it's incomplete. the map tells that this temple have alot of path ways but none of those ways are complete, he is running out of time and the food he brought won't last long so he doesn't know what to do. Luke found a diary inside the closet and it was the diary of the adventurers who also got trap on the ruin and made the map, he skipped through the end of the diary and it is written
"We found the exit, but we can't go out. I'm the only one remaining on my team so I will follow them..." those words are written with blood
He then figure out that there's a red part on the map, it seems that it was also mapped using blood. Luke figure out the way out and immediately started walking toward that area.





Shiella Julie (Shiella Knight)


She work as a Guild Receptionist from the Guild House of Talli Village, she is the daughter of the Knight family which are famous on the Main Land due to their market business. Her parents suddenly decide for a marriage from the other market company and she didn't like their decision so she run away from her home and travel to Talli Island and hide her profile as Shiella Julie, then she decided to work as a Guild Receptionist for living





Game World

Starter Map (Talli Island)











Support us! by giving us small amount of Donations



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5 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

If you're going to design it from scratch you may as well do it in a modern language. i.e. VB.NET, similar syntax to VB6 if you're unable to learn a different language :)


Unfortunately I'm not familiar with SMLF or something

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"Tutorial Island" rung a bell in my head. I like where your going with your work, but try to keep "RuneScape" out of your head, cause I know it is....don't lie.


Also after trying to read up on the license agreement from REFMAP, your all good to go. Anything under the name "First Seed Material" from any of REFMAP's work is license to RPG Maker. Everything else is free to use commercially outside RPG Maker *Ahem @jcsnider, "AKA: "Mack's Tileset's" is not registered under "First Seed Material"

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57 minutes ago, Daxterxx said:

"Tutorial Island" rung a bell in my head. I like where your going with your work, but try to keep "RuneScape" out of your head, cause I know it is....don't lie.


Also after trying to read up on the license agreement from REFMAP, your all good to go. Anything under the name "First Seed Material" from any of REFMAP's work is license to RPG Maker. Everything else is free to use commercially outside RPG Maker *Ahem @jcsnider, "AKA: "Mack's Tileset's" is not registered under "First Seed Material"

Yeah youre right but the sets he use is from REFMAP from 2k and 2k3 i see that, i mapped 12 years with the sets.

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- New Logo
- Font Size Multiplier
- Random Tips loaded from Database
- Static Window (like Chatbox) will go transparent when player character position on screen is on the window position, disabling the function that window will have so that player can interact with the map at that part




Extra Notice:
Recruiting Voice Actors who will perform certain roles on the game characters
- Must have a good Recorder
- Can speak english very well (I'm not compatible with this role cuz my english suck)
Send a sample of your Voice through PM here or on skype (id: hisherwin)

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55 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

I like the minimap. Does it show blocks or just npcs? I really like the idea behind minimaps but i find in dungeons it makes the maze too easy.






Well ye it shows blocks, npcs, players..
and yeah, as you said. maze will be too easy, but we don't plan on adding a maze anyway XD only puzzle on dungeons

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