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  1. Concept

    At least a survival zomb-pocalypse game ! Yataa ! I hope you'll show us some progress soon Good luck !
  2. Nothing to see ... Because there's nothing to show .... yet. Just showing how i threw the tiles together. But still, it's progressing (at a snail pace) without a hitcht. I'll probably have something more appetizing to show in the next month or two. Et voilà !
  3. WIP

    Looks wonderfull, really love the style ! Can't wait to try the alpha
  4. Btw, i just though that for the time being, you could make so that the normal attack do minimal damage (such as 0 or 1) thus rendering them useless. Just my two cents here
  5. You'll have to do it yourself when source code is released right now, it's impossible.
  6. Bump. I'd also like to see such a feature in Intersect
  7. YEAH !! Alright ! Now we're talking ! big feature for me, no joke, i've been waiting for this Waiting for the release of B4 then. Thanks for the good work !
  8. Wow, much appreciated, really !
  9. Wonderfull ! I needed something like that to split tilesheet (even asked a friend of mine to code me something, lol) ... Thanks a lot !
  10. Yep i've seen it but that's not "flexible" enough thanks anyway Gotcha jc, thanks for the answer, and as alway, keep up the excellent work !
  11. Hey, it's me again ! Two questions this time : 1) I can't find any way to pop a picture (not an animation) on the player screen via the event editor. No offense, but it look like a major feature to me, and i don't understand why it's not there (even though i think it would be easy to code, but, well, i'm really a noob in that matter). It would be cool being able to show pictures to players like a map, an illustration of a monster, of - why not - buff/debuff icons on the screen. 2) Is there a way to display variable in the chatbox (or text window) yet ? If necessary, i can make a Suggestion topic for those, if you prefer. Thanks again for taking the time to help me
  12. Very intringuing !! I really like the originality of the setting ! I'm glad to discover projects like this, that are more on the "niche" side, it's refreshing ... Not that classical MedFan background aren't good, buuuut i'd fancy a bit more diversity (zombie survival ? post apo ? space opera ? where are you ? ). Well, anyway, props for your project Good luck !
  13. Ok, i'll wait until the source code is open then, no problem Thanks for the (really) fast reply and keep up the good work !
  14. Hi guys, I'm still lurking around and playing with Intersect (i might even have something to show you soon ...?), and for some time now i've been wondering about doing something without knowing if it's currently feasible with the engine - if not, you might take this post as a suggestion I'd like to make an event that run automatically, whether players are connected or not : more specifically an event that trigger once every 24 (real) hours (or any long period of time). I would use this to check if the player had been disconnected for more than 24h (to give him a reward for coming again, for exemple) or setting limits (such as X quests per hour/day/[period of time]) or whatever might come to mind. Is there a way to do something like this ? Thanks a lot for helping me with this
  15. Excellent ! I was eagerly waiting for this too ... but the upgrade link doesn't work for me, point to a 404 error ... am i the only one ?