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  1. Request for a French Board

    You're welcome
  2. Request for a French Board

    Poster -> Postez Les questions liées (...) Discutez des projets (...) Looks like i caught'em all
  3. Request for a French Board

    Actually there's some other mistakes in sub forum, i'll tackle them in 20 min after my episode, if you want
  4. Request for a French Board

    Wonderful ! No doubt it'll prove helpful for all of us frenchies who literally butcher Shakespeare each time we say something in english (just kiddin'). I would like to correct two mistakes though : first "Utiliser" should be written with -z ("Utilisez") and "n'importe quels sujets" should be in singular, without the two -s on the last words (so "n'importe quel sujet"). Voilà ! Merci !
  5. Spells not auto rotating

    You really should stick the bug for others to see, so that they don't report duplicates again and again (and again)
  6. item "spell" dont work

    I'm not sure i understood the question correctly but there seems to be a misunderstanding : "spell" items are supposed to teach you a specific spell, not make you cast* it. *(which, on a side note, i think would be better ... if you want to learn a spell with an item, you could still do it with the Event type)
  7. WIP Nimue

    Neat !! As usual can't wait to see the Archmage and the Shaman
  8. WIP Nimue

    I'm seriously in love with this pixel art style keep it up bro !!
  9. Concept The Wheel

    This. And that. Your project is exactly what i'm looking for when i think of original indie ORPG, sir ! Or in other words : Keep it up !
  10. Editor item management

    That goes for Common events too and everything else (spells !!) ! Unfortunately - i'm not 100% sure - i kinda recall that someone asked for this already, but it would be too complicated to implement. Need confirmation though. @Kibbelz @jcsnider @pandacoder ?
  11. Instances

    Ok, now it makes sense ! No problem though, i totally understand those arguments. Thanks
  12. Hi guyz ! With (hopefully!) most of the annoying bugs out of the way (4.3 coming soon™ ?), i'm now coming up with an (awfully!) long list of features which should make their way into b5, not because i need them (pretty please ) but because they are awesome (for real, m'kay) !! Oh, and before i begin, i did a quick search through the forum but if i'm making a suggestion that as already been made, well, you'll be kind enough to forgive me, i hope. Let's start with a simple one : i'm not 100% sure but i recall that in 1.7 or so, walking speed and attack speed weren't linked and could be controlled separately - which really interest me. I kinda know that it's too uncommon a request to make a change in the engine but i'd like to know if it could be possible to change it - easily - when source's available so that for exemple a player can walk slowly but attack swiftly (and vice versa). And now, the list : - Control player light with event system - Instances ? we'd like to know ... - Conditions, we need moar ! - Player control, to be in control of your life. Or your game, at least. - Spell cast via event system, because. - ... That's about it folks. I could have sworn i had a much longer list, but i can't remember all of it. Anyway, this thread was kinda to keep track of all of them but it seem silly after seing how much there is ... can't resolve myself to delete it though. Mod : don't hesitate to do so if you want. All being said, i really love the engine and appreciate all the hard work you, devs, have put into it. I hope my suggestions are - ultimately - generic enough so that if implemented, everyone could make something interesting (and original !) for their own games. Keep up the good work ! Thanks ~ !
  13. Title say it all. Would be awsome - a real lifechanger, really - if the event system could force a player to cast a spell (with it's own stats, as i reckon jc said events should be linked to players to function properly ... not sure if it works like that though) even if said player don't know the spell (could add a conditional branch before if you need the player to know the spell). It could allow to make some interesting cascading, powerfull spells or events.
  14. Player control ++

    Not sure it deserve a topic of it's own, seing as it's been asked several times and the dev's are probably going to add it in future release - or at least, i hope so. But here i go : Would be great to have moar ... hum, to have more possibility over the player's stats, such as how much HP/MP to give or substract instead of just plain full heal ("Restore HP"), negative XP/level, attack/armor/magick (etc) add or substract etc ... Additionally, more event-driven player actions : force (un)equip weapon/armor, drop item etc ... It would really expand the realm of possibilities (like making traps for exemple) ...
  15. More conditions

    Add some conditions such as : "is equipped with", "is under [...] buff/debuff (spell)", "is [operator] [x] HP/MP", "is in party" ... well, you get the idea, not to be greedy (ok, but just a lil' bit ) but we (I ...?) need more ! Moar ! For common event triggers, there's some good ideas there (for reminder) :