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  1. WIP

    I .... want .... to .... play .... this .... game .... so .... bad !!!
  2. Hi, Another suggestion about variables ! I think the current system is lacking, and i'd like to see more options in the [Set variable] window, such as copying the content of a variable into another one, and basics manipulations like "Variable z -variable x" .... i'm not asking for divisions and all, but addition and substraction would be great enough ! Thanks a lot
  3. Hello there ! Just a little suggestion about manipulating variables : it would be great if we could have a mean to compare them such as "if variable X is superior to variable Z then [...]". Don't look like a huge feature to implement (well, i don't really know, still asking anyway). Thanks a lot ~ !
  4. I don't know if it's been discussed already and if i should have opened a specific topic for this, but i'd like to see in the upcoming version : 1) a way to compare variables (if variable #1 is greater than variable #2, for ex) and 2) assign the value of variable X to variable Y Ps : 3) it's been suggested in this thread before, but a checkbox to prevent a NPC from moving (for plant or mecanism monsters ...) would be great ! Thanks ~
  5. Damn. Well, thanks for the fast answer
  6. Hi there ! I did a research on the forum but couldn' find the answer so here i go : it seems that your own projectiles can't collide with yourself, is that normal / intended ? is it a bug ? The projectiles completly go through me without doing anything ... :/ (on the image, the projectiles are going my way, which is not obvious because they are not oriented as they should xD ) Well, that's not very important (event though it could allow to make several interesting features), but still, i was wondering. Thanks ~ And keep up the good work !
  7. WIP

    To sum up what i think about this project so far : AW-E-SO-ME !!! Keep it up !!
  8. Graphics

    I'm actually going against the flow here, but it's a good ol' 1 for me, especially if it's supposed to look pokemon-ish. Truth to be told, both looks great and i'd rather use the second myself for a more classic RPG game - and it seem more detailled - but for a pokemon-like game, definitely the first one (more cartoon-ish). PS : beside, after comparing the two, i can't help but think that the sprite doesn't "belong" to the second one ... it might be just me though ...
  9. Seems like he tried :
  10. If i recall correctly, isn't it in Ruby ?
  11. I needed exactly this actually and asked a while ago. Got this answer which helped a lot for the time being : Hope it can help you too !
  12. WIP

    At least a survival zomb-pocalypse game ! Yataa ! I hope you'll show us some progress soon Good luck !
  13. Nothing to see ... Because there's nothing to show .... yet. Just showing how i threw the tiles together. But still, it's progressing (at a snail pace) without a hitcht. I'll probably have something more appetizing to show in the next month or two. Et voilà !
  14. WIP

    Looks wonderfull, really love the style ! Can't wait to try the alpha