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  1. Wait for the source? Isn't it just a simple color change? Please guys do it in the next update I need it for rare weapons.
  2. Is it possible to change the color of an items name? If not, will it be in the next update?
  3. Update New: Spells Edit: Pickaxe | Fishing rod | Woodcutter ax @Kibbelz Thank you
  4. Update New: Smith's hammer iron & gold | Bullion | Necklace iron & gold | Medium potion | Mushroom | Fish hook iron & gold | Woodcutter ax iron & gold Sorry about the triple post!?
  5. Small update Edit: Potions
  6. Hahaha @Giligis I hope so, it took me 1 hour for the fish.
  7. Small update New: Animal pelts | Apple | Steaks | Spells Edit: Mushroom (size) Thank you @Yanz Because they are only for the Intersect engine you have to cut them all off into 32x32 and sorry I don't know if there is a tool for it.
  8. Small update New: Spells | Fishing rod | Pickaxe | Mushroom Thank you guys
  9. Hahaha thank you it took me 1 hour for the fish... omg But hey everyone starts small.
  10. Omg pixeling is so much fun! :D

    1. George


      Just wait until you start doing it for a living/job. Then it starts to suck. (My personal opinion though may not be true for you)

  11. Small update New: Spellicons Sorry for double post!?
  12. Small update Edit: Coins New: Rocks | Lock | Fish Coins edited and yes, there will be other stuff but everything you see is a first try, I'm doing pixeling since a week or so and things like fish are so brutal for me to do. But yehh it's fun so I will try my best and go on.
  13. Small update New: "Cloud.., I mean a special sword " | 2H Stuff | Rings | Letter | Silver coin | Bronze coin