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  1. I can't make a gif? It's still not working.
  2. the top bottom coming shortly npc page Bottom of the npc page
  3. I know I'm missing something somewhere but I can't for the love of me find a way to kill npcs, when I hit the enemy it just goes to one hit point and then it regains. I don't have any regen in the system, and I even put the enemies hp to 1 and it still don't die. It feels like I'm overlooking something but I can't figure it out.
  4. Thanks for the replies,, ill look into mono on raspian or see what other distros the b3 can support. This will take the load off my crap laptop, but there's only three of us playing anyways five max at different times. Thanks again this has probably been the best, low drama, supportive and helpful community for a hobby game developer.
  5. I'm not Linux savvy but I do have a raspberri pi that I run retropi on, can I use my raspberri pi 3b to run my server?
  6. I'm going to play around with my tablet and see if I can get some decent sprites from it, I don't want to use the rpg maker sprites however ill most likely get stuck using them thoug,. Bravely default looked great and it had painted graphics.
  7. Thanks for the advice, I changed that sprite a hundred times before I was happy with it and then I started some paper doll equipment and thought it may be better off without the black outline. I'm not an art guy lol..... I have pyxel though. I thought about trying to use the 32x32 size but with smaller sprites 16x16 but I wasn't sure about the collisions. Game makers collisions are pretty forgiving, 32x32 there's to much room for detail and it takes me forever to get the sprites just right. Pyxel has the dawnbringer 32 pallette built in so thats the colors I'm using. Time fantasy is selling for 100 bucks right now on itch, I got about a month and a half im thinking about buying it. Here's the whole sheet >_< Has anyone tried hand drawn sprites? With a digital tablet? I drew this gif And used the image resizer from the downloads to get this i don't know about scaling it down any further though but im going to block in some color and see how the details look.
  8. Is there a quick way of converting rpg maker sprites? I'm thinking about not having arms in my sprites, Rayman style maybe but I don't know. This is the brute class without armor. Does it look better with or without the outline? The animation looks a little funky without the outline but the paper doll i think looks better without it.
  9. I've been using the built in sprites that come with the engine and the sprite generator, there great sprites but i have been wanting to make my own sprites (I dont want to make a game so to say me and my babies have been messing around with the engine as a quarantine project). The problem im having is 32 x 32 sprites are quite a bit larger then what im used to sprinting (8x8 and 16x16), how did you guys come up with your sprinting style? I've made a few different character sprites but they didn't really match my tilesets lol. I've done some basic pixelated characters in gamemaker and being able to change the resolution I was able to make them look decent..
  10. Thanks for that, thats what I'll do. There's been so many changes I want to see how they do starting over, make sure there isn't any major bugs..
  11. My kids have been playing while I play with the engine developing quests and such, my youngest one has two accounts or more maybe (the server says there's 10 accounts?) I have the admin account that I use for the editor, but I want to wipe all the accounts but I can't find them in the server.
  12. Its win 10 64 bit, 8g ram, and on-board graphics. Its an older pc so its not worth taking your time ill look into it a little more or just get another one. Thanks though. The computers that I was running the client on were clean installs of windows 10, the were using the generic display driver. They also had built in graphics, i can confirm for amd and Intel 4th gen installing graphics drivers fixed the issue.
  13. The bottom one, has there been a fix since 2017? The download on the site didn't work.
  14. What are you trying to achieve? Maybe using a variable as a self switch may be better? So name a variable state, and in your condition if state = 1 that is self switch a, and state = 2 that's self switch b, etc. It depends on what your doing. For showing the right event page this will work.
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