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  1. WIP

    @Damian666 I think jc said you can double post for game updates
  2. WIP

    Looks good and nice use of the lighting, shame no custom graphics though (also that username though...)
  3. @Kibbelz Resize and water effect so far
  4. Nice tool, hope you add more effects soon though and also nice that it supports irregular sizes. Edit: Oh shit just saw who it is, welcome back man!
  5. Graphics

    Second one
  6. @Kibbelz You could make a few towns from what he provided but nice hint
  7. @Shilo I'm not one of the devs but it shouldn't be much more than changing how movement works and some AI as other than that isometric is just look based.
  8. Oh okay, as long as it's not the actual clients problem it's fine
  9. Comment something below if you worship the great and mighty phen. (I'm doing this for a bet comment so I win thanks :D)

    1. ClownPrince


      I'm the mightiest of all!

    2. PhenomenalDitto


      @ClownPrince Not the greatest of all though!

    3. ClownPrince


      But the mightiest :D

  10. @jcsnider Are they all squished like that or is that just your characters?
  11. generator

    @machusenpai They have to be in paperdoll format that fits your base.
  12. The e and the g look a little weird but other than that it looks great!
  13. 22bfc2d60ba5d98335a9f8023ec4350a.png Mass effect Andromeda Ass, just for you.

    1. PhenomenalDitto


      Glad you cropped out the face, makeshift paper bag :ph34r:

  14. 'DB manga was funnier, it was basically ecchi' - AntarcticPuppy

    1. sadPuppy


      It's truth THO, Anime was censured as fuck. xD 

  15. @Boss It's being released once the engine comes out of beta.