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  1. Then I guess you could try injecting it using the plugin system? (and if you are successful make a post on the forum and tell panda so he can make it officially supported.)
  2. Someone promised they would dress up in a gorilla costume... :P 

    1. Kibbelz


      Sure, never said when. Maybe gorrillakibz will suprise visit a game dev stream when my uni exams are over :P

    2. PhenomenalDitto


      Prize for me finishing my exams too then :P

  3. @alextoti99 Theoretically but it would not be easy and the devs definately won't add it so that's a source job if it even works.
  4. @Skaveron He wants to delete the character creation menu itself not a user ;P
  5. @jcsnider Please talk in third person from now on and say nya a lot, k thnx bye.
  6. @alextoti99 Can't without source
  7. @SPQR Panda used to have that on the page, jc has since removed it
  8. Understood, licenses are hard lmao.
  9. @antarcticPuppy EU4 is free to use without credit just need to pay a cut of the profits or a flat fee I believe.
  10. @alextoti99 Pretty sure it's just a matter of config to remove the player limit though
  11. I'm happy to see that you let dabbing in the past whre it should be.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PhenomenalDitto


      I'm worried now... very... very... worried.

    3. Kibbelz


      Do you volenteer as the child? :^)

    4. PhenomenalDitto


      Not small enough I'm afraid, there must be a daycare near you ;)

  12. @alextoti99 Awesome stuff and glad you could get a UE4 mmo working, I couldn't for the life of me
  13. Zeta is currently streaming a pvp event for life forge and constantly streams life forge stuff and he says he can't get onto the site so I made the thread for him, you can catch his stream at
  14. @ElBrujoES I'm afraid I haven't tried to use a server to host a game based on intersect, message Hanox or Azizele or Lurv (but he's inactive now afaik)
  15. @ElBrujoES Yes you can run it on an external server as long as the port used is port forwarded (that's the point of it after all), games such as Arcwyre by Azizele and Hanox do already do this.