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  1. Yeah this is what I have thus far but it doesn't really do anything. I presume that would make it attack other players, though.
  2. Hey! Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn't really find anything on this topic so I figured I'd ask. So generally the spell I have in mind, summons an NPC, it combats other NPC's with set spells. It looks doable in the options within the NPC/Spell Editor, but nothing seems to happen? I'm curious as to if I'm doing something wrong? I also attempted an NPC summon that was a dedicated healbot, so to speak. But it doesn't do anything, either. Is there specific setups that I need to work with or is the feature currently a Source-Only kind of thing? Thanks!
  3. Your closest next best bet, I imagine, would be to make a Single Target Spell instead. It would have a similar effect.
  4. Hey so I'm just recently messing around in the engine at the moment. Getting a feel for what it's capable of but I feel I'm definitely missing out on some key information. Are there any important bits of information and advice you wish you had when starting out? Any really valuable tutorials? Thanks! Apologies if it's super vague. I imagine I'll have more pinpoint questions in the near future.
  5. My skills definitely shift towards the artistic sides of things, so I figured I'd offer out my hand to see if anyone was interested in looking into what I can offer. Portfolio Here: https://coreygarvin.myportfolio.com/work Twitter Here: https://twitter.com/CozaArts Current Prices that I'm running off, if anyone happens to be interested in one-off commission pieces:
  6. Hey there! So I've been keeping an eye on this engine for quite some time on and off for a while. I used to make games in Xtremeworlds back when that was a thing, so this looks like an incredibly well done direct upgrade from that. I was wondering how viable it is to transfer some of the concepts I managed to build in previous projects and translate them into this engine. I imagine "Wait for the source" is going to be the most common response - but I figured It'd be worth asking to see if any of these having their own little work arounds currently, or maybe spring some creative ideas for people's projects. (A ton of these concepts I borrowed from Final Fantasy 14's mechanics when I was using them back in XW.) The ability to change class in-game / and store the class information for each player. ( Effectively allowing them to play all classes on one character. ) The ability to check to see if the player is in or out of combat. Timed buffs. (10 second increase to Strength, for example.) Combo System (If you used Spell A -> Spell B -> Spell C in the correct order. Skill B and respectively then Skill C would receive damage increases.) Damage over time spells Attack Spells/Skills that activate buffs Adding another meter/resource for classes to use Some sort of Threat/Focus/Emnity mechanics, where things such as a Tank-Class may be able to hold aggression from the enemies. Different stances for classes. (Damage Stance increases offensive stats. Defensive stance doing the opposite. Etc.) The ability to debuff NPCs. I had a fair few other things but I figured I'd ask about what I could think about off the top of my head. I'm far from expecting miracles, but I was just curious to see what people might have already tried. Thanks in advance!
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