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  1. Arcwyre Arcwyre Alpha 1.0 Release Date

    Midnight... well then...
  2. Arcwyre Arcwyre Alpha 1.0 Release Date

    Just release it on a weekend so I can play it all day and get above the curve!
  3. Small Fantasy Resources

    Hold on, fox is back!? Welcome back and those faces look awesome! They remind me of stardew valley
  4. dunno what your profile pic is... but it's dope af.

  5. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    You guys need to meet up!
  6. Arcwyre Arcwyre Alpha 1.0 Release Date

    Oh no the time zones have plagued me once again! I'm out all launch day
  7. Story Indie ORPG Development

    Orake is also nothing like Life Forge...
  8. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Then make sure to drop me a follow so you can
  9. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    @pLeet Glad to have you in the community (and no longer stalking us lmao)
  10. Arcwyre Arcwyre Alpha 1.0 Release Date

    Glad I logged into agd in time to find this, time to claim my role as the highest leveled player back!
  11. Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke

    I need to catch this live some time :O
  12. Intersect assets

    If they are used without commercial purpose they should be alright but is still technically against the rules.
  13. Graphics Intersect Showoff Thread!

    @Staf Can't be used sadly, uses rpg maker graphics.
  14. AGD Gaming Nights

    I'm in! (You already have me added Crest)
  15. Free Undertale MMO Serverfiles + Client

    @aidan1982 The download link is still up.