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  1. @SPQR Panda Okay, good to know that will be fixed soon
  2. @Kibbelz Now are we talking deliberate or accidental because if you ask me to do it then that's not gonna happen but if you give me 10 minutes and a problem to fix... (I actually am struggling with an infinite loop in a game I am making right now ) Edit: It's infinite not infinate kibz
  3. Does this fix crafting?
  4. Probably wont get accepted but count me in
  5. Great idea and a great price, once I have something that needs a server count me in! (Also I swear Ownage Hosting runs 3kliksphillip's servers?)
  6. Giving up on arcwyre till the reset ;w;

    1. NotAzizele
    2. PhenomenalDev


      @NotAzizele Lel it's kinda pointless to farm an annoying 5% drop when there will be a reset in a month or so, at least I know what to do for when the reset comes.

    3. NotAzizele


      @PhenomenalDev haha trudat and it wont be a month, more likea week or two

  7. @Hanox Got to max level, killed the raid boss with Wing, got a damn staff and 50 gold
  8. @Hanox You better I want my sword
  9. @Hanox @NotAzizele You should add a place for bug reports lel anyway, Sanctify appears to have no effect other than playing an animation and Faithbound damages you instead of healing you and all the spells stat descriptions are weird. Edit: THE BEST SPELL IN THE GAME DOESN'T RAISE YOUR ATTACK BRO lel also max level also crafting is missing armour and doesn't work according to wing. Edit 2: Crafting doesn't work, can't make gladius.
  10. @Hanox Who is Ellis (from the secret)? All I can think of is left4dead2.

  11. @Kyrise Run the unrandomize function that is next to the memory scan options.
  12. @NotAzizele Thanks!
  13. @Kyrise Not to be that guy but I think you could use a memory editing program like cheat engine to raise it above the cap.
  14. @NotAzizele I don't use facebook ;w; also what the hell is up with the boss at the end of the dungeon? lol 1200 hp to my 90 hp. Edit: I think I heard the game had a forum right? Can I have a link if it does. Edit2: blue bags sell for more money than they cost, might wanna fix that
  15. @NotAzizele Found the second relic coin (the graveyard one) also arcwyre looks great in 1920x1080: Edit: Just noticed it says I got a spirit caller?