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  1. AGD Gaming Nights

    I'm in! (You already have me added Crest)
  2. Free Undertale MMO Serverfiles + Client

    @aidan1982 The download link is still up.
  3. Open Beta Undertale MMO PeopleTale (PLAYABLE BETA MEGA UPDATE!!!)

    I tried the game, Temmies should give half the exp, The quest to kill Temmies should include Psycho Temmies and reward less gold (giving so much meant I was able to buy a few hundred healing items and out heal any damage I took) and Psycho Temmies need to give a unique item and skills should be implemented in some form to give use to the hoodies, the environment was recreated well however and the inclusion of the relevant sound effects and music was nice. Edit: Also the dialogue has some translation issues.
  4. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    @jesusbleach VB6, it's stated in the op.
  5. Concept Zone Overview for Aegis

    Sounds great! When are you expecting the alpha to come out?
  6. Concept Zone Overview for Aegis

    This game sounds interesting as hell and I'll make sure to try it when it comes out :O, are there any plans for fast travel and how far along is the game asset wise?
  7. Pre-Release Sword Mystic Online

    Only question now is whether I can grind so much I can out regen enemy attacks
  8. Destiny 2

    I might get it when it comes out on PC.
  9. I accidentally pulled out my headphones and now my my headphone jack doesn't work... fml.

  10. How Do I Get people to download my Client?

    You just need to share the editor and client folder, you can use mediafire or dropbox for download links or you can just share it directly with friends, note that the server needs to be running and you need to have port forwarded for this method to work.
  11. BANG BANG BEST EMOTE!:gallery_123159_43_305:

  12. Was fun

    Oh shit, rest in peace House...
  13. Site "Upgrades"

    @jcsnider I demand a face!
  14. Is there a way to keep game assets from getting stolen?

    Your post is a bit unclear but encryption is the way to go here, if in intersect waiting till the source is out is likely the best option and if in unreal then I believe there are already guides on encrypting the game files.