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  1. Stuck in Event editor

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Not working DEF

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Not working DEF

    Changed Status to Blocked
  4. Not working DEF

    @vinurd - no information Spell? Weapon? Or unarmed? What is the damage type? (Physical, magical, true)? Have you modified the formulas.xml file? We need to know all of this before we can look into this bug.
  5. Frm Bttns Display Wrong Text

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Intersect Beta 4.6 Released!

    I actually just released a silent update that does prune old backups and compresses them Those options do need to be pulled out into config files though.
  7. [LIVE! - $5] Intersect Hosting Solutions

    Few updates for everyone: First off I wanna say thank you to the early adopters who've signed up thus far. You know who you are, so thanks! Secondly, the demo game has been updated to Intersect v4.6 -- it will be getting a new ui and it's own topic shortly. Finally I wanted to give everyone a heads up, stock is running low on the popular lower end tiers. We only can only host 1 more Design-Ready server ($5/month) and 1 more Early Release server ($14/month). Once those slots are taken I will be looking to expand to faster dedicated machines -- I don't know how long it will take for a decision to be made and to bring the new infrastructure online. We could be out of stock for a few weeks, so if you're interested grab them while they're still available
  8. Frm Bttns Display Wrong Text

    @Niko: Looks like your language files are out of date. Delete the following folders: Client and Editor/Resources/languages Server/Resources/languages The language files will be regenerated and hopefully solve this problem
  9. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/community/topic/2165-faq-failed-to-create-graphics-device/
  10. Paste the error in here for us @Aldimun @panda: maybe another "None" error.
  11. crashes the server after applying the skill

    Send picture of the spell editor options. @vinurd
  12. Can't select a panorama. (ver.4.6)

    @panda - is this related to your non changes?
  13. Intersect Beta 4.6 Released!

    Intersect Beta 4.6 Released! November 20th 2017 News/Updates Moar bug fixes! Bug Fixes/Problems Solved: Maps failing to load/crashing entering the game Long pause when closing the client/server. Fixed "None" value when using Intersect in different languages. Removed condition that attacks must do at least 1 damage. (Guards with 0 damage won't hurt players now) Fixed item description window quantity not updating Fixed item name not showing up when hovering over equipment Fixed map sounds playing at 100% audio before maps loaded completely Removed ability to attack friendly npcs and for friendly npcs to get angry Fixed event pathfinding when common events were running Fixed npcs not being able to fire projectiles. and more! Updates: Database backup system! -- Backups your database on launch and every 2 hours thereafter. Backups can be found in Server/Resources/Backups Options for how many backups to keep, how often to backup, etc coming in Beta 5! Up Next Beta 5 is on the way! Download If you're already using 4.3, 4.4, or 4.5 just download 4.6 and overwrite your .exes. Download As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!