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  1. Maybe? We don't know what we will and will not do at this point. If not us then I'm sure someone else will.
  2. For the base, however, Kibz has a point very few people have graphic sets with 8 dir sprites. It is possible to do 8 dir movement in such a way with a 4 direction sprite but then it comes down to the question of would 80%/90% or more users benefit from 8 dir movement? Probably not :/ I would definitely expect 8 dir movement to be around shortly after release of the engine but as a source tutorial or as a feature users will likely try to sell.
  3. This is exactly why Player Switches/Variables and Global Switches/Variables were created. It will be time consuming.. and you might be able to speed it up (slightly) once you have the source but that's pretty much the way to go.
  4. Sorry! I broke the site earlier tonight. It's back up now
  5. @Miharukun: Can you attach your Client/Resources/Logs and Server/Resources/Logs folders. That error log is old we have a new logging system in place. Thanks
  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. I'm glad you got it working, @Raku. However would you mind giving those new files a try as well and see if there are any problems at all. In the future I'd like the shaders to also be open for modification. Thanks, JC
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. @Raku I think those were simply out of date content files. For the time being the client and editor use 2 different folders. Give this a try be sure to let us know if it work.
  10. Changed Status to Fixed
  11. @NotAzizele just to get off the ground try doing the migration again. If that doesn't work do it on a machine you're not currently using (personal pc vs server). This can boil down to a permissions error.
  12. Try again using the v7 backup file. I'll look into that bug some more.
  13. @Essence please let us know if this is resolved in Beta 3
  14. @Essence will you tell us if this is resolved in Beta 3?