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  1. Majority of hosts I have used have been terrible experiences. My go-to would be Ownage, but full disclosure that's primarily because I have a friend there who was nice enough to give us a damn good discount. That said the VPS has been superb and their service/support has been on par with everywhere else I've hosted with. If I didn't have my connection at Ownage I would first look at OVH followed by Linode most likely. They are the only two that I have used in the past that I would consider using again. Placing I would recommend avoiding due to my own bad experiences however, include: 1&1 InMotion DreamHost (I will continue this list as I think of more) Regards, JC
  2. All of the code and language files are about ready for translations to start :) 

    1. JimmyJumpDrive


      try using zynato's code translator. ;)

    2. SPQR Panda
  3. It's been moved. And no not currently but when the source is out for sure
  4. This is posted in the general development section. What engine is this for?
  5. The editor renders the maps at 60fps like the client except it renders tile by tile instead of caching entire maps. This is because map tiles in the editor can change at any time.. we cannot provide a smooth experience while caching like the client does. This means the editor has to do more work but you also get quick reaction times and previews of how tile placements will look. (Including realtime autotile calculations). You should treat the editor like a game itself.. it takes a bit of power and will cause your laptop to heat up during use.
  6. Just want to echo the same sentiments. Sorry to see you go. I am going to close this topic. If you swing back around and want it re-opened at any point feel free to shoot me a pm. -JC
  7. Quick update to the icon perk. We are replacing the star with a little rocketship. Unlike the star the rocket will assume the color of your name see below:
  8. @PhenomenalDev he is asking about NPCs not Events. NPCs do not have access to variable in any engine that I know of. In the past the system he is looking for was called factions. This does not exist in Intersect or Orion right now. I would expect source tutorials for both engines to be around before long.
  9. The graphics will likely be under a different license entirely. I am not familiar with the creative commons licenses but it would be something so people are free to use the graphics or modify them but not resell them as they should be a free resource.
  10. Client MIT. Server and Editor GPL
  11. This is more about making sure that we have a complete set of graphics that we know for sure are free and legal graphics to use. Other people will use these graphics outside of the community whether we want them to or not. Frankly I don't care.. if RPG Maker folks like our graphics than I think they should use them provided they credit Murdoc, Zeta, George, QuoteFox, and AGD. Asking for anything more than credit would just be limiting and honestly it's not like we have the resources to go after anyone that would break our license anyways.
  12. I agree. We shouldn't be pushing our own engines onto people unless they express interest in switching.
  13. Intersect Custom Graphics Fundraiser Hello everyone! It's no secret that we've been hoping to Greenlight Intersect in the near future. With Steam Direct on the way our timeline has expedited a little bit. Our biggest concern at this time is gathering new resources to distribute with Intersect by default. Macks graphics (that we currently use) are great, but they draw too many similarities to RPG Makers VX graphics for us to be comfortable releasing alongside the engine moving forward. Joe and I have commissioned our own @Murdoc and @Zetasis to help develop this new graphics pack. These graphics are drawing inspiration from both Macks graphics and the free assets created by @George and @QuoteFox. (See here and here) Our new graphics will have a retro feel. We will also have as much or more content than the set we are currently distributing with Intersect. So without further ado let's show you what we've got so far Tilesets Macks does a very good job of organizing graphics and we want users using Macks to have the option to upgrade to our custom set when it is complete. As such we are following their template. An example can be seen below. Macks are on the left.. and @Murdocs are on the right -> Characters @Zetasis has primarily been working on game characters, creatures, and paperdolls thus far. The character base is below Along with the base he has already created dozens of different hair styles, eye colors, clothing options and more. We will include tons of pre-built characters to be used in your game but all of these generation components will also be available to create your own entities. When this graphic set is released we will also provide you all with a character creation tool (WIP screenshot below) that will allow you to build your own character and customize each layer with different color hues and more Items @Zetasis has also found and created several item and spell icons that we will use in this graphic set. Bringing It All Together Quick map done by @Kibbelz It is our goal to make sure users can create beautiful games using this graphic set. These graphics will be available to our entire community free of charge and will not be restricted to any specific engine. Although we don't have any examples yet, this will be a complete set of graphics with paperdolls, animations, resources, and much much more. Fundraising Joe and I are hoping to raise $600. @Murdoc and @Zetasis have done an amazing job so far and we want to compensate them for their work. We are launching a new donation goal for this fundraiser that will run through March. All proceeds will go to @Murdoc and @Zetasis. They are doing us a huge favor, so I challenge you all to go above and beyond our goal! If we earn more than $600 they will receive the excess as a tip Please click the icon below and support our fundraiser! Donations made will count towards the new donation tiers and perks we just announced! We will be posting progress updates here as we have them. As always please feel free to comment and ask questions below! Thanks so much everyone!
  14. I don't recommend switching engines. It's a very daunting task especially when you don't know if you are going to continue the project or not. Unless you foresee technical limitations of your current engine dragging you down this might be best of staying where it is.
  15. It detects via email and I think the username of who's logged into AGD when the donation is sent. It should be an automatic process but nothing is perfect. If you PM me with the PayPal transaction id I can enter it into the system