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  1. I think the better thing to say is that they are infact based off of rpg makers graphics which should make users uneasy. Speaking for both Kibbelz and myself we would stress caution if you use these in a non RPG Maker engine. Nice share! ^^
  2. "Elder Care Computer Repair" -- Sounds like a perfect hell on earth if you ask me That is a great target audience... just a little hard to get along with sometimes.. especially when it comes to tech. Goodluck on Monday and I hope you enjoy it
  3. While Parallax scrolling would be cool, at this point I think we're about done adding features and just prepping for final release. You can expect source tutorials for when this is out. As for the side scroller I totally recommend you give it a try. It is totally not what the engine was designed for but that doesn't mean that it can't be done. At the very least you could start making enemies, levels, etc and then use the source to add in what's needed later (ie jumping). Depending on how creative you are, you could make it pretty far with the engine as is. Nothing is more annoying than someone telling you that you can't do X, Y, or Z. Go out there and try it, have some fun, and worst case you will learn for the future
  4. It will take the same amount that it already does
  5. Z-Dimension is going to take a ton of resources (cpu, memory, and v-ram) whether you use it or not, so feel free to have at it.
  6. Dental/Ortho practices need all kinds of stuff done all the time. New printers installed, new computers and tvs mounted, at least once a month they need software updates done for whatever they use to organize patient info/xrays/etc. They need a nightly backup strategy put into place. They will call about the dumbest things and you can bill them for replacing ink in a printer. Every few years you rack up a TON of hours updating windows. They will use 7 until it is no longer supported by Microsoft then all of them panic to upgrade at once to stay compliant with hippa and pci regulations. Any advice.. not really. Never absolutely guarantee a deadline and never be optimistic in ransomware cases. More often than not your clients are already screwed.
  7. In my experience with providing local it support/computer repair services is that if you consistently resolve the problem your clients will never look elsewhere. A gig like that allows you to set your own hours to an extent and that wouldn't require you to quit your current job while building that business. I personally hate doing repair work though because in most cases you set a rate up front and you get paid that rate regardless of whether the job takes 10 minutes or 20+ hours. (Most will take longer than expected) In a large majority of cases I haven't found it worth my time, and if I charged what I felt my time was actually worth then my clients would be better off getting new pcs. :/ I think there's plenty of room in the market for more repair guys though. If you can extend your business to also cover cellphone repair, tv installations I don't think you'd ever be without work. We actually do a lot of support for Dental/Orthodontic practices. You could probably walk into 5-6 tell them what you do, and give them your business card and have a solid chance of picking up one or two of them as clients. Unlike individuals they have tons of revenue with unlimited computers problems On mobile so sorry for how sporadic my thoughts are coming across. Formatting isn't easy lol
  8. There might be a point where using the map grid becomes not-so-smart. You might be the furthest along in world design so you tell us when things get unbearable
  9. Email sending is where all of the complexity is at. There is no /easy/ way. I expect that promising games will have a website that can communicate with the servers database and be able to handle those types of issues.
  10. Right now we have more bugs than we started with. We're slowly fixing things up now
  11. The prodigal son returns!?

    1. PixelFox


      Return-ith I have, for awhile! Not enough pixel art in my life. Plus the inbox full of cool updates, got me excited!

    2. jcsnider


      Glad to hear it 


      Lots of cool things lie ahead and Intersect's full release is imminent :P 

  12. You can disable it in your router or you can rip it out of the source when it becomes available.
  13. Intersect B4 introduces Automatic Port Forwarding!



    Read More Here!

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    2. Crest


      I know Unity supports it, they also support a punch through host where, in the event

      that NAT Punch Through isn't valid, they use a type of networking pattern to allow hosts to connect through some Master Server which basically just forwards network requests.

    3. jcsnider


      We don't have the infrastructure to do a relay server. Basically for our users it's port forward, and with some luck UPnP will make that unnecessary else, or you're screwed.


      If this can reduce our port forwarding support topics by 50% I'd be thrilled. 

    4. Crest


      How do I port forward, JayZee?

  14. Automatic Port Forwarding, Multi-Char, and More! July 17th 2017 News and Updates It's safe to say that we're finally wrapping up all of the planned Intersect features and are starting to shift our focus towards bug fixes, performance updates, and general quality of life stuff. I have some really exciting stuff to talk through tonight and then it should get a little boring leading up to our final release. Automatic Port Forwarding!!!!! The difficulties of port forwarding have inhibited these style of games for over a decade! Most of our users do not have the technical background to host games on their own home networks. Some simply didn't have the credentials required to modify their router settings. Moving forward this will be much less of a problem. Most routers these days support UPnP where apps like ours can request that ports be opened automatically with no work on your part, and we're taking advantage of those features but we're not stopping there! When your Intersect server starts, and after it tries to automatically port forward, it will ask AGD to make sure your server is open and accessible to the public. At the same time, AGD will tell your server what it's external or public ip address is. When we bring all of this together we get an extraordinary amount of information regarding your network setup so we can help everyone get their games online with as little effect as possible. If UPnP Automatic Port Forwarding works, but AGD cannot connect to your server then you get debugging tips and ideas on where the problem lies: Keybindings I had this working months ago but never really discussed it. You can now set and modify your own keybindings within the Intersect client Multi-Char Change one value in your server's config.xml to allow your players to create multiple characters per account. Your most recently played characters show up first on the selection screen Credits Page Our credits are a huge WIP, we will have a list of probably 50+ names when all said and done with the final release. We wanted to have a nice way to display credits and allow you to change them for your own games. Access the credits page from the main menu and modify credits easily via an xml file. Status Effects Hud Sped up by a spell? Getting killed by poison? Now you know what exactly is helping or harming your character! http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/c869daa2135a2ef02c7443f6c64b54ed.mp4 Paperdoll Rendering in Menus For a long time I had thought that we already had this. I never use paperdolls in my testing so I never knew this was missing. No more naked characters in the UI! Paperdolls are fully rendered everywhere Whats next? I'm fixing bugs with Dynamic UI and then that will get it's own topic. We're still neck-deep in reworking our network code so keep your eyes open for open-tests around the site and in the shoutbox. No ETA for Beta 4 yet but that will be ready when everything is stabilized and performing better. As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress! -The Intersect Development Team
  15. Locked.