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  1. Good job on getting the server to run those are the correct steps (or the steps I've been taking) Unfortunately the Editor uses DirectX and a ton of Win32 API calls for the cool editor docking windows. There is no chance that it will ever run on Linux without some major reworking from the ground up. The client should work though.
  2. Not a double post with 2+ months in between posts Goodluck on your project.
  3. Likely a bug. You can still use items and events to teach spells though.
  4. Spell effects should work. It is the item effect (cooldown reduction/life steal) that isn't implemented yet... this should be working.. although I agree that it isn't.
  5. On a side note, however, Global Events are in the same place for all players. If events are set to global than npcs should be blocked by them.
  6. This one is not a bug. Events are instanced for each player so the world NPCs cannot tell where those events are. Scenario for you; let's say there was a city path with 2 guards blocking the way until a quest was completed.... you completed the quest and now the path is clear. Another player is on the same map.. he has not completed the quest, so the guards are still blocking the path on his screen. You run past the guards (since they are not there for you).. should the NPC seemingly get stuck on what you see as nothing?
  7. Like I mentioned earlier.. there is a chance MonoGame might make changes to their library so it is more lenient on requirements (or does a better job detecting them). This is a MonoGame issue at it's core and there is nothing we can do about it on our side of things to bring you online.
  8. Merged Zetas topic with this one. I'm a huge fan Zeta
  9. Changed Status to Closed
  10. Delete all of your logs. Make the bug happen. And submit only the logs with the error you are reporting. In the bug report include screenshots and instructions on how to reproduce the bug or else we will have a hard time fixing it or won't fix it at all. Locking this report and marking it as closed.
  11. Find out and let us know We will do some official stress testing in the future but each version is getting significantly better performance wise right now... So itd be a waste of time to stress test now.
  12. Absolutely. Unless you have written expressed permission from Ubisoft to use them in your project.
  13. Not possible and won't be possible for a long time (if ever).
  14. @Teppy once the source is out you could make it so the client won't launch unless it has a startup parameter the updater would send or something like that. Alternatively you could rename your client to something people wouldn't recoginize (like engine.dll). People would think it is a .dll file but the updater could run it like a .exe. The former solution is much better than the latter.. but both would work.
  15. Nope, sorry. Our banks are programmed much like those of runescape. That wouldn't be too challenging to custom code later one though.. when the source is out.