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  1. Yes, as long as you own all assets or are using ones in which are available to you for commercial use. You are also allowed to do membership systems, microtransactions, etc, etc, etc.
  2. Updated the title to represent the question. No this is not currently possible and likely never will be considering Orion has dynamically sized maps and Intersect does not (upon several other issues).
  3. Definitely not something for the base engine. Source tutorials for stuff like this can come after the main release. I really don't want to add in communication with external APIs by default that wouldn't work if someone picked up Intersect a few years from now. APIs change and we don't want to be forced to keep up with them. Keeping the base engine as clean as possible is my preference.
  4. So I'm not sure where this turned into a debate, it's not. This is our project and we will release the source when we are good and ready. If you don't like that or our management then you're free to find a better project. *Locked*
  5. The Unity thing is only a thing I'm working on in my spare time, it doesn't even really work. You cannot "import" Intersect into anything without the source code regardless.
  6. JC had that on the page because he didn't think it would take this long. JC severely underestimated the scale and complexity of this project.
  7. Said this before and I'll say it again. I don't expect you all to agree but I have my reasoning. We're maintaining a lot more than a single game engine. This whole site is full of people, an overwhelming large majority has little to no programming experience at all. It is and always has been my intent to help all users with the engine and source edits, and keeping up to date with our master branch as much as possible here on the forums. That's a lot harder to do when only a few of your users are programmers. As we move forward we will be allowing more and more developers to assist with the source, we do realize a lot of people have more experience than us and as we find those people we are asking for advice. (i.e. Panda) Tldr; Want tutorials and source edits to last when the source is out. Want to help everyone with the source as much as possible. Don't want either until the source is done with super major design changes and refactoring.
  8. *facepalm*
  9. That's a pretty shitty non-answer. At the very least link to a few artists who'd be willing to do the work. At the very least search the site, a quick search for item icons reveals these topics: If those don't give you what you need then Google might help, rpg maker resource sites will help, or you can make a resource request thread here if you can be very specific on the items and style you want. If you find anything good please share them with the community here. Goodluck!
  10. We really need to update that thread too. We have 4-5 tilesets done now and 2 more expected this weekend I think
  11. Default graphics are actually Macks from First Seed Material. There are similarities to RPG Makers.. and I wouldn't recommend using Macks graphics for a commercial game (a game you plan to sell or make money off of), but for hobby projects and free to play I think they will be perfectly fine.
  12. Sorry I haven't had the opportunity to comment sooner. Running through Mono on Linux, it is unable to read from the x86 vs x64 folders right now. Moving the contents of the appropriate folder into the /Server/ or /Server/libs/server folder will resolve this problem. Enjoy! JC
  13. Pretty sure this plugin system could be considered a form of rape but I'm oddly okay with it.

    1. Refur



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      @jcsnider He's mr steal your source

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  14. The current hashing information you want is as follows: Take the plaintext password. Hash it's UTF8 representation with SHA256. Remove any dashes (-) in that hash. C# Code hashed_password = BitConverter.ToString(sha.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(plaintext_password.Trim()))).Replace("-", ""); You then take that hashed value, concatenate that with the salt stored in the database and hash it with SHA256 again replacing the dashes again. C# Code result = BitConverter.ToString(sha.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(hashed_password + salt))).Replace("-", ""); That final value is what you can check against in the database. Hope this helps!
  15. Make a Player Switch called First Login. Switches are set to false by default. I recommend making a new Common Event with the Login trigger. However your current event will work if you modify it so it looks like this: Conditional Branch [If First Login = False] 'First Login, Warp/Do Whatever Set Player Switch [First Login = True] else 'Not First Login, Do Whatever End Branch