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Fable The Last Hope [PL]


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The Last Hope







Ten years after Theresa’s sacrifice to destroy the spire and the Corruptor. Gabriel is still protecting Albion from eventual threats. The Hero king has still not been found. But a few months later, Gabriel found someone who will be able to find him. A little boy/girl from Oakfield. The kid of one descendant of the Hero of Southcliff, his 3rd child who was forgotten. Gabriel goes to find this boy/girl to tell him/her that he need his help. He teaches him/her how to exploit the will. Now 25 years after the destruction of the spire, the boy/girl is ready to go find the Hero king with some help of other heroes and others. He will need to create a new Hero guild, explore Albion and increase his power. He will become the Hero of Oakfield, the hero who can save the Hero king.







 A new hero :
Ten years has been past since the sacrifice of Theresa to win the battle against the Darkness. Gabriel takes her role of watching the Albion. He tries to find the Hero king but his attempts were unsuccessful. While his research he finds a new hero, an other descendant of William Black. The boy/girl lives in the Oakfield orphanage. When Gabriel arrives at the orphanage, he tells him/her that he will need his/her help to find the Hero king who is missing since more or less fifty years. The orphan is agreed to follow him, for the next fifteen years he will be train. 


The hero let as his own :
Now the orphan has recreated the Hero guild and is ready to do his own way to find the Hero king know as the Hero of Brightwall. To find him, the orphan will need some information who require travelling almost everywhere in the Albion.


The First stop - Rookridge :
The only way to travel to Bowerstone is to pass at Rookridge. It’s full of monsters and bandits, but it’s the only way. When the hero starts to pass here, a lot of Hobbes, Beetles and other try to kill him/her. The Hero finds a drunk black-smith in the Rookridge Inn. The black-smith has lost his job and needs help. After the hero helped him, the black-smith offers his help as the black-smith of the new Hero guild.

The hero can choose behind accept or decline his offer, If the hero decline the offer the guild will not have a black-smith.

After has taken a decision, the hero continue his main quest : find other heroes who will accept to help him/her.


On the way of the second stop – Bowertsone :
Just before arrival to Bowerstone, someone intercept him/her. It’s a little kid who need help. He was on a road trip from Bowerstone to Oakfield to see some friends. But few Hobbes attacked them and capture his parents. His sister was killed by one of the monster. The hero need to find the Hobbes and bring them to the kid. 

Be continued…







At the character creation the player will choose between two sexes (Boy and girl) and four classes. Each class has different stats, but all of them have the same spell. At the beginning of the game the character will start as a child and will grow up as the story progresses. While the player will do the quest he/she will fight some recurring enemies of Fable such Bandits, Hobbes, Balverine, Fairy and more. Three types of quest will available (gold, silver and bronze quest).Some quests have two versions of the same quest (good and bad version) and this choice will influence the future quests. If the player doesn’t want to do the quest he/she can just explore the world of Albion to find a silver key, chests/silver chests and demon doors.










The warrior is a melee fighter. He/She is powerful with melee weapons such as one handed swords, two hand swords, hammers and axes. He/She has more strength, armor and life. He/She has more strength, armor and life than the other classes. The Warrior can equip heavy armor and heavy melee weapons.




The Ranger is a ranged fighter. He/She is powerful with ranged weapons such as bows and guns. He/She has more speed than the other classes. The Ranger can equip light armor and light melee weapons.


Will User


The Will user is a polyvalent fighter. He/She is powerful with melee and distance spell such Berserk, Physical shield, drain life, lightning and other. He/She have low level of life, low speed but more mana than the other class. It’s the most complicate class to play.The Will user is a polyvalent fighter. He/She is powerful with melee and distance spells such as Berserk, Physical shield, drain life, lightning and other. He/She has a low level of life, low speed but more mana than the other classes. It’s the most complicated class to play.




The Custom class is a class who the player can build his character like he/she want.The Custom class is a class where the player can build his/her character how he/she wants.




World map (screen)



 Albion world







Lookout point






Bandit camp





Road Map






  • Spell (Lightning, Fireball, Multistrike, Drain life)
  • Class (Warrior, Ranger, Will user and Custom)
  • 25 maps (Oakfield (15), Rookridge (10))
  • Tile set and resource
  • Paper doll/Item
  • Sprite sheet




  • New location (Lookout point (6))
  • New paper doll
  • New NPC
  • New item




  • New location (Bowerstone (24))
  • Creation of the Albion map
  • Creation of shop
  • New spell
  • Dry color
  • Event




  • Creation of the main menu
  • New Sprite sheet
  • New Tile set
  • Fix Tile set
  • New shop




  • Creation of the game logo
  • New paper doll
  • New resource
  • Fix paper doll
  • New item




* Alpha test online *

  • Fix sprite sheet
  • Fix paper doll
  • Fix location
  • Global fix




  • New location (Mourningwood)
  • New resource
  • New spell
  • New item




  • Creation of the game Website
  • New location (Hobbes cave)
  • Creation of the game forum




  • New location (Bandit camp)
  • New NPC
  • Global fix




  • Some add in the locations maps
  • Community suggestions
  • New cave



Special thanks to: jcsniter, Kibbelz and PhenomenalDev

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Yeah I will edit it. I would edit it after write my three stories but I didn't knew that Fable has 3 books so my three synopsis can't work with the last book... I did few research on what I could do about it and my internet provider crash ???


But well I think I will create a game after the Fable The journey. Cause my game will not have the Darkness and behind Fable III and Fable The journey (50 years) the hero of Brightwall still fight the Darkness.

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@PhenomenalDev Thanks alot, I'm working on the full story now. I think I be able to write a good part of the begin of the game.


I was thinking about just create a new hero out of the William Black's bloodline. But well just the hero from this bloodline can use the three hero traits. But maybe I will do it for my next fable (if I do an other one)

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@Gibier Make it a event maybe like a second story once you beat the first one? Also idk what part he's referring to and idk if you have the term but mcadams is right change mourningwood unless you mean it to be a joke (morning wood is the name for a morning boner when you wake up if you don't have the term)


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