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Intersect Alpha 1.9 Released!

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Intersect Alpha 1.9 Released!

August 20th 2016



This update fixes dozens of bugs from all of our recent changes. You can get an idea of what has been fixed by searching the Bug list for ("Fixed in 1.9") or by clicking this link.

http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/community/search/?&q=Fixed in 1.9&type=cms_records2&nodes=2


This should hold you over while I move back to school. With a little luck this will be the last release before beta. :D



Upgrade Instructions (Required for 1.8 Alpha users!)

1. Overwrite your current 1.8 installation with all of the 1.9 files below.

2. (Optional) Download the updated fonts that are attached and replace your existing fonts in Client/Resources/fonts. These fonts include extended punctuation options, currency symbols, and misc symbols such as a smiley face. ☺

3. You are good to go!



Click here to visit the download page.

As always, feel free to post comments and questions below!


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Greetings folks!.


I will start working with this engine and will post project advances with it, like many of the features already and am C # programmer, will be very good to study and advance the development of games. I always made games on unity but this engine has saved me time and effort, as I am limited time helps me magnificently.

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