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Dev Blog 07/15/2016 - Class Control, Event Upgrades, and More!


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Class Control, Event Upgrades, and More!

July 15th 2016



With the UI upgrades out of the way and combat taking off we took a step back and start planning ahead for the future of the engine. We knew we had several features we were eventually going to want like Kicking, Banning, Muting, Quests, and many upgrades to existing systems that we wanted to make. The challenge was to make those changes without you all needing to start over. So now we have a Migration Tool that will convert your game to work in newer version of Intersect. (See Below) We also have a ton of new features we want to show off before they go live tonight or tomorrow.


Updated Event System

Common events now have triggers. You can start them when a player logs in or when players level up.



Normal events now have a new option to be frozen upon interaction. This means that when you talk to events they will no longer run away from you. (Unless you want them to)


Updated Class Editor

You can now set faces to go with sprites for each character option in the class editor. If no face is selected then the sprite will be shown where faces would instead.



Each class can define it's own regen percentages for health and mana when out of combat!



For each class, you can set the amount of XP required to reach level 2, and then how much more XP should be required each time players of that class level up. This also opens doors to some classes being harder to level than others.



Furthermore you can now define how you want Max HP, Max MP and all the stats to increase (or not) upon leveling.  If you want to give points and allow users to divvy those out themsleves you can do that too!




The final updated class editor is a lot larger and a lot more advanced:



Combat - Regen, Leveling, Attack Stances and More


Click here to check out more updates on combat this patch!


Updated Item Requirements/Paperdolls

Items can now have a gender requirement where you can set items to only be usable by Males or Females.

For equipment items you can also set different paperdolls for different genders.


Migration Tool

The next big thing is the Migration Tool. This allows us to expand, update, and convert database items for new versions of Intersect without you all losing work. It is fast and only requires permission to start.




This migration tool helped us get the database ready for Banning, Kicking and Muting in Alpha 1.6. It also set us up to implement quests sometime during beta. We are very excited for all the new workspace and features coming your way.



Whats next?

Bug fixes! We're gonna fix up some of the biggest Intersect annoyances.

Kicking/Banning/Muting - we are going to bring the administration tools online.

Server Commands - We want to make the server console say more than "invalid command".


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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Awesome progress.
The richness in customization is really admirable, I hope to see this level of customization in more places! I can already see the amount of things that would've needed to be hardcoded that has been made customized with the features above.
Common events triggered by level for example, we can trigger entire questlines when you reach certain levels, make players decided class advancements..

Keep up the good work JC!

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