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Dev Blog 07/15/2016 - Combat 100% completion, Action messages, Blocking and more!


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Combat completion, Action messages, Blocking and more!

July 15th 2016



Before reading the final update on combat, we suggest you check out the previous patches here! Combat is finally complete with bug fixes and the addition of action messages and blocking of both projectiles and melee basic attacks. Critical strikes have also been introduced alongside properties in options file to easily assign crit chance (default 1/20) and the crit damage multiplier (default 1.5x)! These changes will be included in patch 1.5!



Action Messages for combat and blocking

In the video below you can see action messages displaying the damage values and other important combat messages such as notifying the players the projectile was blocked! Other action messages include healing, status effects such as stunning, levelling up and critical attacks!




As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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Theoretically 2 melee champs would just stand there. However with with introduction of dynamic projectiles you can make some ranged weapons such as spear thrusts or sword slashes. Adding range to the game creates mobility since blocking now exists. A tank will move towards an archer with his shield up (and 30% decreased movespeed), using the archers movement speed which scales with the speed stat, he needs to re-position to shoot the tank from behind. This encourages less people standing and pressing attack until the other one dies. More so verses NPC combat when I plan to add NPC spells & projectiles.

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