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Little Pixel

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Project Dark
(Temporary Name)
Project Dark is horror survival game based in a zombie infested world, with gameplay consisting of puzzles,  exploration, combat and item conservation.
with the lighting system and style of graphics you will be thrown into a dark eerie atmosphere.

Horror Survival
Little Pixel
Music Composer:
Andi, Fabio
Windows PC
Single Player:
Release Date:

 Current Features
Smooth pixel perfect movement
Ammo and Reload system
Enemies with pathfinding AI
Weapon Select

Basic HUD

New sprite, walking, firing and reloading animations

Tech Demo's






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Updated original post with a small tech demo of the basic mechanics.

Please keep in mind this is still very early and it still needs lots of polish and tweaking in areas, also the graphics are place holders apart from the main sprite which is still a WIP in terms of animation and style.

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It's me or the zombie have too much life?  Maybe it's the weapon is too weak or the character just shoot the body to loose ammunition?

Whatever the game looks nice. The environment is empty but it's the goal here to expense the space.

I will play the v1.


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Yeah this is purely a test of the core features, hence why the zombie currently goes negative health, there just debugging tools to help me.

There will eventually be a flashlight system for the lighting and you will have to find batteries or power sources to be able to use it hopefully forcing the player to use it sparingly

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Hello guys, havent updated in a while but now back today with a brand new update.

In the last months iv been working on the game and rewritten alot of the code, it has a brand new movement and shooting system, brand new graphics along with a fresh new tileset.
The lighting system has also been updated massively, it now uses meshes and shaders to create a better looking system and shadows which i can apply to anything in the game.

Check out the video below or in the OP
Also please check out the facebook page for all the information on the development logs: https://www.facebook.com/LittlePixelIndie/




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