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  1. i only ask because iv been tryig to perfect such a system for my project
  2. would this work with the interaction of multple players though trying to use at the same time ?
  3. oh great i was looking in the road map and couldn't find, thanks for help guys
  4. is this 100% confirmed or just rumours ?
  5. so i can only do it if the player has the item but not actually if they have it Equipped .
  6. Is there a way to make a spell only usable when a certain item is equipped, for example a fireball spell can only be used when fire staff is equipped etc
  7. Hello guys, havent updated in a while but now back today with a brand new update. In the last months iv been working on the game and rewritten alot of the code, it has a brand new movement and shooting system, brand new graphics along with a fresh new tileset. The lighting system has also been updated massively, it now uses meshes and shaders to create a better looking system and shadows which i can apply to anything in the game. Check out the video below or in the OP Also please check out the facebook page for all the information on the development logs: https://www.facebook.com/LittlePixelIndie/
  8. New update of the new sprite for the game Walking: Firing/Reloading:
  9. Im not 100% sure what your trying to say n this post but ill try make some things clear for you. How many tilesets you have will not create any lag what so ever as they are not actually rendered onto maps untill you use them as a developer. but creating larger maps will create a lot more lag in a map. just because you have alot more smaller maps does not mean you have to have more tilesets, you can use the exact same tilset for every map if you really wanted to, i personally split my tilesets up via the environment they are from.
  10. Yeah this is purely a test of the core features, hence why the zombie currently goes negative health, there just debugging tools to help me. There will eventually be a flashlight system for the lighting and you will have to find batteries or power sources to be able to use it hopefully forcing the player to use it sparingly
  11. Updated original post with a small tech demo of the basic mechanics. Please keep in mind this is still very early and it still needs lots of polish and tweaking in areas, also the graphics are place holders apart from the main sprite which is still a WIP in terms of animation and style.
  12. As a nintendo collector im really looking forward to the Nintendo NX
  13. Just a general wondering if the community would want a community minecraft server. Im all ready paying for a minecraft server i dont use so though i would offer it to the communty if there was enough interest >
  14. Congratulations everyone on getting mod, hope you all do a good job
  15. Here are some usefull Gamemaker tutorials HeartBeast: Some great tutorials for the very begginer, has a great on going series on making a Zelda type hack/slash RPG and many other tutorials on every aspect of gamemaker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrHQNOyU1q6BFEfkNq2CYMA SlasherXGAMES: Some great tutorials on alot of aspects of gamemaker, with a few more intermediate and advance tutorials to pick from. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAumdO1yv-di4fI6IZQIy3Q Rm2Kdev: Another youtuber with good begginer tutorials, along with some unity, he also has a rpg development tool in development. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJvrLzbg4VPRxzf2vhW7G4A
  16. This sounds good to me, poor eclipse
  17. Yeah its a 2d top down, 2d resident evil you might say. The media side of things are a bit spares as still trying to get the basic mechanics down, currently just have place holder graphics to work with.
  18. Project Dark (Temporary Name) Project Dark is horror survival game based in a zombie infested world, with gameplay consisting of puzzles, exploration, combat and item conservation. with the lighting system and style of graphics you will be thrown into a dark eerie atmosphere. Genre: Horror Survival Developers: Little Pixel Creator: Fabio Music Composer: TBC Artists: Andi, Fabio Programmer: Fabio Platform: Windows PC Single Player: YES Multiplayer: NO Release Date: TBC Current Features Smooth pixel perfect movement Ammo and Reload system Lighting Enemies with pathfinding AI Weapon Select Basic HUD Particles Media New sprite, walking, firing and reloading animations Tech Demo's
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