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Automated Intersect Builds & New Bug Tracker Are Live!


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Automated Intersect Builds & New Bug Tracker!




Automated Builds

Now that we've wrapped up most of Intersects' planned features we're looking towards the future of maintaining an engine that's as stable as possible. Part of that future requires us getting new releases and bug fixes deployed rapidly instead of weeks or months apart. In order to achieve this goal we are now using a continuous integration system called Teamcity.


Teamcity monitors the Intersect code base, and when changes are detected it automatically creates and distributes new Intersect builds.






Build Numbers

Every build has a build number, and that number will appear within your Client/Editor/Server.





Change Log

Teamcity looks at our code base and creates a change log that you can view for each build to see what bugs are being fixed and what changes to expect:





Build Notifications

When new builds are created Teamcity will update the Intersect download page on FreeMmorpgMaker.com and will make a post on our forums! You can follow the Stable Builds thread to be updated when new builds are generated.






Every build has 3 downloads. (Full/Upgrade/Patch)


Full downloads are for clean copies of Intersect for new games/projects.

Upgrade downloads are for upgrading from the most recent major Intersect update.  (IE: 0.6.0.X   ->   0.6.1.X)

Patch downloads are if the version number is the same except for the revision at the end.  (IE:  ->


*Patches do NOT need to be applied in order. 



Stable & Development Builds

Stable builds contain bug fixes and performance boosts only since the most recent official release.

Development builds (coming soon) will be unstable builds that contain the newest features expected in the next major release.







Bug Tracking

Our current bug tracker does it's job, but that's it. It leaves a LOT to be desired and it is hard to search to find bugs that have been previously fixed or already posted.


I'm happy to announce the new Intersect bug tracker located at https://tracker.freemmorpgmaker.com





New Bug Tracker Features

Cleaner Interface

Easier to Search

Better Labels







You can react to bug reports now, and the bugs with the most reactions/activity that are plaguing the most users are the ones we will try to fix first. 




Only for Bugs

Our current bug/suggestion tracker will be re purposed as solely a suggestion tracker. It makes sense to separate the two, because bugs require more immediate attention and we don't want them getting lost or unseen.




I am bringing both of these systems online right now! If you have pending bug reports on our current system please feel free to move them over to the new one! I recommend that everyone go ahead and grab the latest Intersect v0.6.0.115 for about a dozen bug fixes over the original Beta 6 release! We're finally automating!

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This is one of the most exciting news to me. I feel like the development will be smoother and more rapid now because of these new systems and because the major features are implement. I can't be any more excited for Intersect future atm. Thank you so much @jcsnider and team.

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