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How do you Organize your Project?


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I was wondering, how do you guys handle the planning/development of your project? I'm not talking about your client/server/editor itself, but rather on how do you keep all the things about your game wrapped up in your mind.


Do you use the forum post for your game? A notepad? Or rather Notepad++? A word/open office/drive document file? A worldbuilding site like worldanvil? A single sheet of paper? A Discord room? Collaborative sites like nuclino?


Personally i've used several text documents in the past but for my current project i wanted a kind of personal-wiki with internal hyperlinks and quick formatting, thus i'm using CherryTree. But how about you?

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I have an excel file with several sheets. I have one sheet for respective topic: Swords, Clubs, Axes, Distance weapons, Magic spells, Blacksmithing recipes, Leather crafting recipes, quests, monsters, foods, armors, shields, boots, helmets etc. I keep a word document with different ingame languages. I have another Excel file with the roadmap. 

All the sprites and tile sheets are in a folder. I also store the latest backup and version in the same folder.


I keep these files in my dropbox so I can switch between computers. 


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