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Hobbies of the ascended :P


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I use to do a lot... Till this past Wednesday when I picked up this little guy.


Other than him now, its mostly work and school these days.

Oh many many tattoos, ones I have and ones I'm in the process of saving up for..

and my newest one.. Anti possession tat from SPN with a little extra bank cause i needed to fill up my calf lol

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Welp, between 2 boys (4 year old and 4 month old), wife, and being a full time electrician,  my hobby time is sometimes sparse at best.

But when I do find the time you'll find me either:

- doing something related to game development

- playing music (drums, guitar, bass, mandolin )

- league of legends

-diablo 3

Kind of whatever I'm in the mood for when I get an hour or two to spare :D

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Epic unending waste of time, trying to find something to do that I won't feel is a waste of time. That is my hobby (also my life).


Currently since I'm in Japan it's been a lot of PoGo, once I get back to the US I'll likely be coding (with no actual resulting product) or continuing my roflstomps in EU4. v~v

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@Damian666 Nice zelda collection dude..... just epic..... seriously.

I collect video games as well, ill take some pics of the collection soon. Mostly complete in box 90s generation stuff is what I collect, have alot of complete in box atari games as well. Love watching youtube video game collecting vids, going on the reddit game collecting thread comparing game prices on pricecharting.com and such

I play alot of Overwatch and watch alot of twitch haha.

I also like hiking and being out in the sun but pshhhhh.

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