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  1. Wow. I feel kind of stupid that I didn't think of that. Thank you
  2. So, I've been working on some tilesets for a while. Started building a map with my new tilesets, and am running into this issue. Best explained with the attached image, but I am setting the background completely transparent, and exporting from gimp as a png. Looks fine previewing the image of the tileset, but when I use it in the editor, all of the transparent spots appear black, and show up when I lay the tile down. This is especially troubling when trying to, as in the example below, add something smaller than 32x32 on top of an existing tile. Everything that is supposed to be transparent is black. Is there a solution to this that I am overlooking, or will I have to fill every pixel of a 32x32 grid with whatever I want adjoining?
  3. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Fresh Download of "Beta 2" I first opened the server, which seemed to be fine. Then, when clicking on the client, it does nothing. It does not produce an error log or anything of the sort, it just doesn't open. When I try to open the editor it gives me an error attached below. Second Problem: After messing with it for a while, I got the client to open (Only once). I changed the resolution to one apparently too big for my screen, and then could not readjust it because the buttons disappeared, forcing me to delete the current install and start over. Perhaps there is a hotkey or something to open settings besides clicking on the hud? /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Re-downloaded Beta 2, and started the process from scratch 3 times. Edit: I also have turned off all firewalls. Edit#2: I re-done all of it a few more times, which allowed me to start opening my client. No idea why it wouldn't open before. However, the resolution thing is still a problem. I can't seem to reset it to default, and the editor is still giving me this error that its missing something. Edit#3: Is the resource file not included in the beta versions? Not sure if this is intended or not, I robbed it out of an old version. If you are using Intersect, attach error logs & database (See desc below) errors.log
  4. Real life photos

    Haha. My oldest son was a little cold on a tractor ride last fall
  5. Graphics Ace's Pixel Art

    Very good quality Looking forward to more!
  6. Dev Blog 03/26/2016 - Event System Complete!

    You are the man. Good work pal
  7. Hobbies of the ascended :P

    Welp, between 2 boys (4 year old and 4 month old), wife, and being a full time electrician, my hobby time is sometimes sparse at best. But when I do find the time you'll find me either: - doing something related to game development - playing music (drums, guitar, bass, mandolin ) - league of legends -diablo 3 Kind of whatever I'm in the mood for when I get an hour or two to spare
  8. Yes sir. Keep up the momentum! By the way, is the "things left to do" thread still accurate in regards to what's left before release?
  9. So exciting! Keep up the momentum!
  10. Dev Blog 09/30/2015 - FPS Optimizations

    Vb is what has turned me away from these types of projects for years. It's such a breath of fresh air to see a project done in c#! Can't wait to get rolling!
  11. Dev Blog 09/30/2015 - FPS Optimizations

    So how did the test perform with an inferior machine? A question for ya. What type of map file is utilized by this engine? Xml? Also, how are maps handled? Small zones only, large maps? The reason I'm asking is that I have a nice world created for a private server I created years ago, and I'd like to go ahead and start modernizing it, updating the graphics, etc, so that I'm ready to go when this engine drops.