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Poetry Thread


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From news schemes to dank memes,
With Nothing less at my desk,
I avoid a snore, to never ignore,
a well written  poem.

It's open mic, without a fright,
not a dread in the poetry thread,

Post your best, with nothing less,

And thus I expect,
A well written poem.

Get in here AGD, let's hear your deepest inner thoughts written in a form of expressive writing.

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49 minutes ago, General Awesome said:

Rain drops, drop tops (drop top)

waiting for Intersect source to release non stop (non stop)

planning some shit yeah it's hot hot hot

cookin up code in the crockpot (pot)

This poem has been sponsored by Intersect
"Intersect, there may be no code, but at least it's not eclipse."

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I was expecting edgier from you guys, So to make up for the loss, here is a poem from my high school journal:

Here I lie in the wasteland of butterflies,
Imaginary, probably, my mind is one to run from reality,
Under apocalypse sun, my mind will run,
but my body will always lie in the wasteland of butterflies.

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1 hour ago, Aesthetic said:

A gentle caress caries me to sleep

a world without sorrow

a place I don't weep

forever I wish I could stay in this place

frozen in bliss

the taste of your lips

until the time that I rise

despair in wake

wishing to sleep again

Finally something good.

Edit to not double post:
Shout box poetry is now a thing...

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So, recently my step dad had been hospitalized from a failing liver as he chose to revisit his addiction to alcohol. And for that purpose I wrote this poem. It came straight out of a rough draft I wrote.




Do you remember the day you took me fishing?
We casted a net to catch a fish but instead we reeled in crab.
That was the day that I've resented to say that I almost called you my dad,

But what held me back was a memory of when i was a child,
I remember watching your mild hit extreme,
like someone had turned the dial from zero to a hundred in means of self destruction.

So i filled a cup of water to splash you on your back in hopes to protect my mother from your fists as my brothers stared exposed to another violent sinking!
His anger, fueled by his addiction to drinking....

Oh god what was i thinking?
I constantly look back on that day you took me fishing,
And i remember the feeling i got when i wanted to call you dad....

And what makes me mad is that if i woke up tomorrow and you were gone,
I would consistently remind myself that i was wrong.
As you've already redeemed yourself as my parent when you taught me that people can change.
And because of you, I now know that I can change too,
For like you, I choose to learn from the pain,
And for each struggle I encounter I will grow,
In hopes that like you it too would show.
Because you grew from a man who inflicted pain into a man who took it away by supporting the people you loved by working hard everyday.

Now the mother of three could rest easily because out of the three she married,
you're the one who chose to stay to face your demons rather than running away.
For it was you who taught me how to be brave,

That my demons may only obey to me as I am the one in control!

And to this I say that as we stood in the rain,

You not only taught me how to fish,

You taught me how to change.

For I too have an addiction,
but at what point do our addictions become labelled as the obsession to hide from the pain that life let in?
For we both have chosen to ignore your lesson

So here I offer you some knowledge on obsession,
A lesson to bring to attention before it becomes aggression,

It's addicting,
Not drugs and drinking, but hurt and feeling,

Just as love, pain too takes healing.
So if we lead our hurt to oppression,

Old obsessions will turn it into regression,

and with that our regrets too become our obsession.


So let us cast another line in hopes to catch a fish,

And even if that fish is a crab,
At least this time I know I wouldn't hesitate to tell you that I love you dad.




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A place so sweet, so dear to them,

friends and family alike among them,

to tell of tall tales between foes and friends. 

Here lies an ancient burial grounds. 


So March across, and March they did,

the children they ran, the woman they hid,

scared of what mankind was to bring.

Here lies an ancient burial grounds.


The face of man was dirty and worn,

a breed of evil awoke and was born,

the guns they shattered and torn,

everything they loved and adored.

Here lies an ancient burial site.


Killing Indians lol

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  • 3 weeks later...

Demons creeping in the centers of my head.

Telling me I am better off dead.

Lies from the abyss taking a hold.

Angels telling me to be strong and bold.


How do I conquer such a feat?

Spirits from the unknown tugging on my feet.

Pulling me from the bed, quickly losing my sheet.

Now I'm a dead man, accepting my defeat.


As a spirit I roam the underworld.

Killing demons with my power sword.

These bitches won't live to see the other world.

This is much like a freestyle I would record.


My life has been one hell of a maze.

My mind is wandering through the haze.

My psychiatrist thinks I'm in a craze.

I agree, let's set this bitch ablaze.


Burning in the aftermath of my destruction.

Only hear the cries of a thousand souls after combustion.

Now the only thing left are the souls.

And this is life, you're nothing but a ghoul.

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 Been a while since anyone posted in this thread, but I wrote a poem inspired by a dream I wanted to share



I kept seeing eyes, but no one else ever saw them.

It was the eye of god, but no one ever understood him.

I saw a door, one which he let no one else enter.

Through this door was a room, which I was the center.

I gave myself a key, which granted me gate keeper.

Those which I let in, would understand truth much deeper.

Come closer, closer, great knowledge seeker.

For it is you who has been chosen by my beloved gate keeper.


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The Four Fiends of Madness

Rot, Rot, Rot!

Know that I am Milon, the Rotting Prince.

I have been searching for you since you left the tower of Zot,

Putrid rotting gas rises; prepare to die for I am the perfect villain,

Come forth, my Poison!


Drown, Drown, Drown!

Know that I am Cagnazzo, the Drowned King.

Disguised as a mortal, I wear the stolen crown.

My power is that of a hurricane; it is endless as a wellspring,

Come forth, my Tsunami!


Suffocate, Suffocate, Suffocate!

Know that I am Barbariccia, the Tempest Witch.

The Magus Sisters, my concubines, you did selfishly slay,

You are all, but wisps caught in my breeze; it is fitting that you shall perish in my windstorm.

Come forth, my Tornado!


Burn, Burn, Burn!

Know that I am Rubicante, the Honorable Flame.

Emotions shackle true power, as you shall learn,

It was not I that killed your parents; someone else is to blame.

Come forth, my Hellfire!

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I am your beast,

And you are my goddess.

My love to you is true and loyal,

For only the beast, misunderstood by man,

May truly see the humanity in the heart of the human soul.

For it is love that burns like a torch in the hearts of each of us,

what drives us, the love for the beauty of the human spirit.

And it is your love for which my heart burns!

As it is the only love which I can truly understand,

The love of finding the humanity confined within the body of the human!


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Trying some new literary devices I learned about recently reading poetry by Jim Morrison.




Mother did you know,
Your baby's lost
Chase the gentle glow
Which calls him home


Wander through the dark
Sweet child, life has left it's mark.
A scar which can't be seen
But eye shall always watch.


Mother can you hear his shallow cries?
Muffled by your deafening lies.
Day by day time will fly,
He sighs ,

"to which my mind shall get me by"


And through the silence,
Your love finds violence,
Left alone, but never alone,
Meet yourself, Sick child

For it is only you who knows what you truly felt.

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