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Graphics Elder Tales Interface

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Pretty slick and basic looking. Consistent color theme I like it, I just dislike the green background on the images on the bottom right corner. I don't think they fit the color scheme. Make them a dark brown for consistency.


Off topic: I like the tilesets, but they seem to be all from different sources. Not too sure they mesh well C:

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I'm already working on the icons, the base is good but I even thought of brown to match the rest. On the tilesets, only the hay is not even schematic, the rest is. I'm just using it for demonstration.


Soon I will be posting the other panel like character, skill, inventory etc and updated icons, thank you for the feedback.

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Guest SherwiN
1 hour ago, gallighan said:

I did this model


Did what? the sprites? tilesets?

You can't say Interface because I know that interface, since I used them before.. Probably rearrange


Edit: I'm not trying to be rood but, I only misunderstood if you actually did those or just rearrange and modify it.. the interface is a combination of Intersect Chatbox, Kenney's UI, and Crystalshire Buttons..

Still, not bad for trying.. but don't just mix them like that, they won't look cool.. use 1 style

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Just for future reference, this is the LPC tileset, which was made by several artists, so that's why the consistency is approximative : http://opengameart.org/content/liberated-pixel-cup-0

I personally find it really good (except maybe for some specific tiles) even though a bit too cartoonish and i'm actually using it in my own project :)



Back to the topic, i must agree with Kibbelz about the green background but everything else is great. And i like the color theme too ! ;)


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3 hours ago, gallighan said:

Hi guys, here is some of the work I'm doing at the interface of my project called elder tales.




I did this model in a short time and I could not handle the images very well but it is in progress, I hope you like it.






Wait that the LPC tileset I posted on the forum? Finally someone use it, I will need to had more stuff and fix some bugs.

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@xSherwiNx I did the interface and not the tileset, models etc, because the topic is to evaluate the interface ><, I really got idea of others artists but I adapted into the intersect and it took time and nobody did anything like it and it's not something ready so I said I made this interface In my point of view I'm sure, but okay.

@Gibier Actually few use LPC, it is a good asset, was using it because it is FREE and can be used in any engine. :)


@Murdoc thanks





New icons with beige tones, I do not know if I leave this way or I put a tone with brown:



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@James I'm uncomfortable with that, too. The engine works well with dark backgrounds and this complicates and limits editing but I need to see how to improve it or even change it.


@Murdoc I thought it worked out well now. thank you


@Essence Thank you, was used the same in the prospekt reborn of deathbeam, I have no idea where he found it or if he did it but it's beautiful. :D




Character Panel:



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I wanted to be able to resize the position of the elements, like the equipment label, put centralized to be able to remove some of the brown frame, etc, it would be interesting a new feature that could do this until the source is released


@Refur thanks man!.. I will continue to improve the UI for the other elements.

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