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[Life Forge] The Hallowing (OVER)


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Pun intended.


Heya and thanks for checking out The Hallowing event for Life Forge! As some of you know, me and Zetasis have been hard at work on Life Forge. In fact, we'll be updating the main thread with a ton of new info soon! Anywho, on to the reason I'm making this thread: The Hallowing!


The Hallowing is our upcoming Alpha Test! We'll be putting up Life Forge up for a day or two to test our systems. Instead of making this just a boring, bland test, we're doing a Halloween Event! The Headless Horseman has plunged the small settlement of Gandor into an Endless Night during the realm's Masquerade celebration; where it's people go from door to door gathering sweets. Take part in the celebration in the spookified Gandor and surrounding areas. Collect Candy to exchange for Limited Edition Jack-O-Helmets!



Explore Gandor and it's surrounding areas!



And finally: confront the Headless Horseman in an epic boss fight that will end the Endless Night!




Days Remaining: 0






~Life Forge Team

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