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  1. Arufonsu's post in Tipografía de mi juego y zoom was marked as the answer   
    1.- Si
    2.- No, actualmente eso depende de la resolución que utilices para tus sprites y las dimensiones de los tiles ;
         No hay forma de cambiar la cercania que utiliza la cámara del cliente por defecto, a menos que modifiques el código de fuente.
  2. Arufonsu's post in Can't un select a target, self or other player was marked as the answer   
    I don't personally remember this behaviour, to me, right/left click always been a way to only select the targets but perhaps, you are right (i started to use intersect around beta 7 's devbranch so i can't tell if it worked differently before).
    What always worked for me is the ESC key to deselect and ofc, the TAB key to switch over nearby targets have you tried that already? logging out isn't really necessary.
    EDIT: recently found out that stickytarget (a game client preference that wasn't exposed to the settings) is the property that when set to false, allows the behavior described by @Vallorz to happen, decided to open a pull request that should restore this property back to false by default, and will also allow the user to toggle it within the client and save/load their preference.
  3. Arufonsu's post in Cannot get Font to show was marked as the answer   
    You need to set the font size after the font name, like this:
    "UIFont": "somefont,12"  
    At least, that's how i do it, except with property GameFont, which i leave without the font size.
    In the other hand, also make sure that you exported your custom fonts properly and make sure they are properly named:
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