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  1. Diee

    Top-Down Tilesets

    Tileset ver.3 [Free*] https://www.deviantart.com/magiscarf/art/Tileset-ver-3-Free-690477146
  2. Diee

    Top-Down Tilesets

    Here are some Top-Down tilesets I found on the www that you can buy. Some of them are for free. Free RPG Asset Pack https://biloumaster.itch.io/free-rpg-asset ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rogue Dungeon Tileset https://secrethideout.itch.io/rogue-dungeon-tileset-16x16 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Mighty Pack https://themightypalm.itch.io/the-mighty-pack ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Awakening Complete Tileset https://sodacoma.itch.io/awakening-complete-tileset ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Modern + Outside Basic https://kauzz.itch.io/ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fuedal Village https://pixelcometart.itch.io/massive-anime-feudal-town-tile-set ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mana Seed https://seliel-the-shaper.itch.io/ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Time Fantasy https://finalbossblues.itch.io/fantasy-rpg-tileset-pack ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Individual Packs https://wilsonscarloxy.itch.io/
  3. Diee

    Tileset Maker

  4. Diee

    Games You Should Play!

    "Gothic", "Gothic2" and "Gothic3" Why... well just watch this.
  5. Diee

    Screenshot thread - and so it begins!

    Thanks @Refur and here is a small update
  6. Diee

    Screenshot thread - and so it begins!

    Thank you guys. And a small update.
  7. Diee

    Screenshot thread - and so it begins!

    I'm working right now on my project and listen to >> this << music.
  8. a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,1,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z
  9. Diee

    Item name color

    Wait for the source? Isn't it just a simple color change? Please guys do it in the next update I need it for rare weapons.
  10. Diee

    Item name color

    Is it possible to change the color of an items name? If not, will it be in the next update?
  11. Diee

    Diee's item box

    Update New: Spells Edit: Pickaxe | Fishing rod | Woodcutter ax @Kibbelz Thank you
  12. Diee

    Diee's item box

    Update New: Smith's hammer iron & gold | Bullion | Necklace iron & gold | Medium potion | Mushroom | Fish hook iron & gold | Woodcutter ax iron & gold Sorry about the triple post!?
  13. Diee

    Diee's item box

    Small update Edit: Potions